Sunday 15 September 2013

Aurora Flower

The Aurora Flower is one of six beads from the new Purple Heaven glass kit, part of the new Trollbeads Fall Collection for 2013. 

On release day, just over a week ago now, I intended to come home with 1 Aurora Stripe and 1 or possibly both of the other non-floral beads from this kit, however I came home with an Aurora Flower instead - this is quite unusual for me as I don't normally like the glass flower beads, the only other one I still own is Flowers on Indigo; now I have 2 glass flower beads!!

I really liked the example in the shop on the day, however 2 Aurora Stripes are now on their way to me so balance should be restored by next week lest this become a habit; for now Aurora Flower has been taking pride of place by itself on a bangle.

I've tried matching it up with other beads, I have an Aurora bead that was originally part of a bangle set but as I like to do my bangles in odd numbers I've not found a good trio partner for them yet.  When I tried to use it with my artisan aurora bead they didn't match enough for my tastes.

Aurora Flower also goes well with my new pink ridged small and beautiful bead, but again I only have 1 and I'm craving some symmetry or at least the correct "range" to make a threesome.

Aurora Flower also works quite well with the retired pink prisms, the pink agates and an artisan silver and pink charm, all great combos but a little too girly for my tastes.  

This is precisely the reason why I have so few glass flower beads as what I end up making is a bit too "Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice".

I thought my Aurora Flower was destined to remain in isolation for a little while longer until the rest of my order arrived in the UK but I suddenly remembered 2 artisan beads I had tucked away in my bead box... all sorted until next week!

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