Tuesday 17 September 2013

Rocking my Daisy - black leather and all silver bracelet

Original photo snapped and tweeted on the night

For me, this is third time lucky.  

Long term readers will be aware of my previous failed quests to acquire the silver and gold Trollbeads Daisy bead.  It's not rare; it's a lush 2 tone, large and very detailed chunk of a bead in current production; I was just trying to collect one at a price I could afford, which was nowhere near it's RRP.  I have been watching every sale opportunity, and have made several attempts to buy, two of which resulted in orders, money taken for the bead, which were later cancelled due to no stock available.

Buying Daisy has become a bit of a running joke between myself and my troll friends as it slips out of my grasp time and time again, so it was really exciting when one of those friends sent me a message about one becoming available.

Trollbeads Daisy is made up of 3 Daisy heads back to back with petals cast in silver and each disc in gold.  Each daisy head is different and together they form a large organic triangular shape.

You get quite a lot of room around the chain when it's on a silver bracelet, nothing to worry about - it's the same with a leather bracelet and it just means you can sit the bead where you like in the design.  

Never have I been so happy to buy a particular bead and to feel exactly that same way when it arrived, and several days later - no artificial high of being able to find it at the right price to succumb to a later comedown.  I still can't quite believe I finally have *my* Daisy.

Recreated shot - slightly more in focus!

This is what I did with it on the day it arrived and I've not changed it since.  I love the leather/all silver bracelet combination and can see this being a firm favourite long into the future.

I will get around to playing with Daisy on a silver chain eventually - my original plan, way back then, was to have a Daisy & All Amber bracelet... still sounds good after all this time!

Somebody pinch me; I think I'm still dreaming.


  1. Hi Mars,

    Congratulations on finally getting your Daisy.

    I love this charm, and I remember when I first started collecting Trollbeads Daisy was one of the "wow" beads in the collection, unfortunately the price is more ouch than wow, and so Daisy remains on my wishlist!

    There's nothing quite like finally owning a charm that you've been lusting over for ages, and I know you and your Daisy will live happily ever after :-)

    By the way - Daisy and ambers sounds fabulous!

    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks Debbie!

      Had to laugh at the ouch, I've been lusting after this bead for a couple of years now (I got into collection watching before taking the plunge and buying) and it always has been one of my top most wanted beads. Because of the ouch factor I've never bought...

      For the last year almost I've been chasing this bead all around the BIG sales (the ones with huge discounts) and I've had it twice. First time I lost it due to no stock I was pretty devastated as I'd been on a high for 4 days until they finally cancelled the order. Second time I was far more balanced, even had to lol as I'd told a friend about the sale, she ordered after me, and got her Daisy order whilst mine was cancelled. I hoped I'd see it again at a price I could afford. Third time lucky preloved, and it was all thanks to a very good troll friend who found it for me. I prefer the way this bead has found me and it will always be treasured because of the route it took to get to me.

      Love the leather and silver combo but will get around to doing the amber version, difference now from before is I actually have all the ambers so when I do decide to change this I will have a fairly instant result :D

      Mars xx


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