Saturday 14 September 2013

Faceted Glass Beads - Saffron and Masala

Two of the glass beads I was really excited about were the two new faceted glass beads, Saffron and Masala.  They finally helped me solve a personal mystery in why I didn't love Royal Orange when it was released (orange glass faceted bead with glitter).  Royal Orange is encased in clear glass; whilst these are encased in colour.  That seems to be the detail that tips the scales between don't like and love!

Saffron is on the left, Masala is on the right.

I genuinely hope that this is the start of more to come with even more stunning colourways for this style of bead, a deep purple encased in red, or red in a hot pink, or hot pink in purple... you get my drift!

As regular readers will already know I've been using these 2 beads on my current bangles from this week...

They are very versatile and I can't wait to get more next week, until then I still continue to pop them onto random bracelets and bangles just to see what the outcome is.

My swap bangle with the centre bead swapped out for Saffron

Ironically before the Fall Collection was revealed I was planning to add more oranges and yellows to my collection, I think with these and the pods I may just have achieved my aim.

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