Sunday 21 April 2013

Small and Beautiful - Cream Galaxy/Cream Mercury

This bead arrived right in the middle of a blogging session one Saturday, the timing was so funny that I just had to take a photo of the lovely packaging whilst blogging...

This package had come a very long way and by way of a lovely trollfairy, who using her vast network of trollbead connections had found a Cream Galaxy/Cream Mercury bead of the small and beautiful variety in Italy.  This bead had made it's way from Italy, overland to the Netherlands, where it had been checked, photographed and wrapped up ready for it's journey to the UK.

As there were a few UK trollbead fans benefiting from this trollfairy we arranged for them to go to one destination and then out to us to help save costs on shipping, so the bead then travelled via Bristol before arriving with me at the start of my blogging session back in March!

This bead was my second most wanted after Navy Galaxy so I feel pretty lucky to have it, obviously I didn't waste much time in making a bracelet with it and a few other small and beautifuls!

L-R from lock: stopper, Turquoise Prism, Silver Mountain, Silver Trace Green - Turquoise, Waves, Teal Colourful Joy,
White, Mint and Lilac OOAK, Green Shadow, 2009 LE Chinese Silvers - Dragon, Purple OOAK,
Purple Armadillo, Purple Fusion,  World Tour Hong Kong - Dragon and Phoenix,
small and beautiful (S&B) Stepping Stones, S&B Green Ridges, S&B Koi Pond, Sparkling Star, Lake Eye,
S&B Cream Galaxy/Mercury, Green Python OOAK, stopper, Mexican Lock.

This is another bracelet I've been double stacking and this photo was taken after a lovely mini troll meet at my Local Dealers!  Tea and (chocolate covered) flapjacks anyone?

Like the last double stacked bracelet photo, this also had it's official debut on Twitter first, you can find me on Twitter @TrollbeadBlog - I tend to tweet extra photos and general rambles whilst checking out #trollbeads related news!


  1. That is a cool blog post... I recognize a part of the story... and the cream bead... LOL. I think it has found a lovely place in your combination... wow. Beautiful !!!

    1. Thanks Patty, the timing really was sublime! I love the bead and it sparked off a bracelet with beads I've been dying to use but hadn't quite found the right bracelet combo for, for some reason this bead was the catalyst bringing together a few ideas I'd had kicking about.

    2. I think it looks great in this combination with other small and beautiful beads... my small and beautiful haven't made it till a combination till now to be honnest... I know I should be ashamed of myself, but my problem is that I never can decide what to wear, so I pick often one of my permanent combinations so I don't have to make decisions like this and spend hours to make a bracelet.... LOL

    3. Know what you mean Patty, I had an afternoon of bead play yesterday and made numerous bracelets but didn't quite have my mojo going, came back to the "last effort" this morning and still undecided, so have left it as it is to come back to it another day!


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