Saturday 13 April 2013

Ruby Rock

Ruby Rock was a bead released as part of the Mother's Day Collection of 3 beads on 1st March in the UK.

By coincidence I happened to pop into my Local Dealers (LD) on the day, and was disappointed to find that they were only carrying the 2 silver beads in the release and not Ruby Rock, which is the bead I was so excited about coming out.

Since writing my New Year's Bead Resolutions down for all to see, I've been focusing on what I want to achieve for myself, so regular readers will have noticed I've concentrated far less on the new releases, (as there are some great reviewing bloggers out there who are covering all of this so amazingly), and much more on my personal collecting habits.

Ruby Rock is a bead with multiple variations, I love stone type rocks and probably should have added my unspoken resolution to the official list, that I wanted to also start collecting the stones this year.  So far I've only bought Labradorite in the sales but Ruby Rock was most certainly next on my list - had my LD had any in that day there's a fair chance I would have come out with more than 1 as they are all quite different.

I, unlike many of my fellow collectors who are looking for very pinky stones, was looking for a mottled grey with hints of pink and purple to start with... as I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my first one.

I approached a retailer who I knew was happy to photograph individual stones and after describing what I was looking for they sent me front and back shots of 5 stones.  I quickly narrowed this down to 2 and after about an hour of deliberating chose 1.

I also picked up a lovely purple OOAK with swirly spots that I'd had on hold with them for a couple of weeks, I love Goldmine as they are so accommodating to their customers!  Be prepared for lots of photos whilst I show you the different aspects of it.

I made two bracelets with Ruby Rock as it came 2 days after my Chess Lock had arrived.  The first leather bracelet, the way of wearing the lock at the front was shamelessly copied from Mike Nand after seeing his Peacock Bracelet when he got his Chess Lock... yes we are so into our trollbeads we show each other photos as and when we get new goodies!  Now Mike has blogged his Peacock Bead I feel comfortable in showing you my copied front Chess Lock look!

However what I really wanted to do with Ruby Rock was add it to another bracelet I've already shown you and pair it with my other stone!

I've been good in one aspect that I've only bought 1 so far... but I'd watch this space!

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