Sunday 14 April 2013

Small and Beautiful - Blue Galaxy Bracelet

So, I was on a roll making new bracelets and today was the day to use another small and beautiful bead, Blue Galaxy.  Now in comparison with Navy Galaxy, Blue Galaxy was much easier to find at retail price, but much harder to match into a bracelet, but the nicest kind of problem to have in case you think I'm complaining!

L-R: Clear Blue Bubbles, LE World Tour Hong Kong - Skyline, Blue Galaxy, Milky Way, Azure Bubbles, Cool Dusk

I tried matching the bead up with other production blues, but found that it's slightly off colour to anything I currently own and nothing was quite working... cue another sale and an opportunity to pick up Denim Prism, shown below with all my other prisms, 3rd from the left.

L-R: Turquoise Prism, Light Turquoise Prism, Denim Prism, Red Prism, Bright Red Prism,
Retired Red Pink Prism x 3, Purple Prism, Retired Pink Prism x 2,
Lavender Prism, (Current Production) Pink Prism

So after a few false starts I finally got there by starting off with that timely Denim Prism, and alternating silvers, blues and purples.  I find a glass/silver alternating pattern works well to both highlight individual beads in addition to getting around that not quite matching with anything issue!

L-R from lock: stopper, Denim Prism, Happy Fish, S&B Blue Galaxy, Penguin & Baby, Purple Wave, Endless,
Light Turquoise Prism, Porcupine, Milky Way, Hare and the Tortoise, Turquoise Stripe, Snowball,
Whirling Adventure, Midgard Serpent, LE Hong Kong Skyline, Happy Dragon, Striped Turquoise Agate,
Angles Tip, S&B Light Blue Stripes, stopper, Swan Lock.

Bracelet has been worn on it's own, but I also tweeted a photo when I wore this double stacked with Wisdom and got some great feedback via Twitter.

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