Saturday 27 April 2013

Prototype Rocky Beach Kit Leather Bracelet!

Ever since I wrote a blog post for the John Greed Blogger Challenge, I've been thinking about the bracelet I wanted to make to represent a UK Winter Beach and that walk on Flamborough Head.  It's become almost a mini obsession that I keep returning to, I've wanted a Rocky Beach Kit since they were announced as part of the Spring Collection 2013, but I also wanted quite specific examples of the beads.

Then, yes, you've guessed it, a kit came along with just what I was looking for at a great price.  Even better I had the choice out of 2 examples of each bead.  Someone else had first choice of the Fossils and Pebbles beads but amazingly they chose the 2 I wouldn't have picked so I got my original choices after all - I was feeling that the fate of writing that blog post was coming to fruition.

Rocky Beach Kit L-R: Sandstone, Fossils, Stone Flower, Pebbles, Cliffs, Sand Beach.

However, don't forget about my boilers!  I was feeling rather conscious of the fact, that as much as I have a long standing running joke about these in Curling Stones, that perhaps I should cut back on my jewellery spending so I can save up a bit more towards replacing my dear old wrecks.  Obviously the bracelet I have planned from the original post does involve buying a lot more new beads in addition to another bracelet and lock, but along came fate again with one of the new 2 toned leather bracelets from the same collection, barely preloved, in a sage green and blue, perfect for a "prototype interim new boiler friendly" Winter Beach Bracelet until I could afford all my new beads, bracelet and lock!

I chose some Organic Bubbles and an Azure Bubbles to go with the Rocky Beach Kit and of course Lighthouse, which I had totally forgotten I had!  This really is just a mock up bracelet as I have 2 very greeny Organic Bubbles to go with this combination but they haven't arrived yet; the blue Azure Bubbles really is too blue for a UK Winter Sea!!

Ta-daaaa! Quick prototype of my interim Winter Beach Bracelet!

Here is a reminder of the photos that have inspired this bracelet combination... just in case you haven't read the original post.  You can click on this link to see the original post in full.

I really love this bracelet and I intend to continue working on it as my finances allow; however I couldn't resist showing you this, even in it's "work in progress" stage.


  1. Love the coast and love the rocky beach kit... ;)

    1. Thanks Patty, I'm so pleased with this project so far. Really enjoyed doing the blogger challenge and delighted with the resulting bracelet!


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