Friday 26 April 2013

Pretty in Pink IV - Silver with Garnets, 3 Raspberry OOAKs, Thor's Hammer & a new bracelet design

I love Twitter, you can find me as The Trollbead Troll @TrollbeadBlog if you're so inclined...

Why the sudden declaration for Twitter?  Well it led me onto my next 2 beads... courtesy of Paul Gentile Jewellers in South Wales tweeting about their store in Cwmbran and alerting me to their sale!  I received fabulous customer service when I popped in, and I will certainly be returning next time I'm in the area as the staff were so lovely; it's great to visit a store where the staff have such a passion for Trollbeads...

Top - Thor's Hammer
Bottom - Silver with Garnets

When I returned  home from my trip a few days later, there were 3 more beads waiting for me courtesy of another favourite retailer of mine, Goldmine...  If you like a bargain you really should check out their Trunk Show which starts today and runs until the 29th April.  4 beads for the price of 3, $40 off the Aurora Bangle Limited Edition Set, the usual free bracelet with a decorative lock and a free travel case with orders over $125!

So, Silver Bead with Garnets and Thor's Hammer, combined with 3 new OOAKs from Goldmine and all of those Retired Red Pink Prisms and a new bracelet was conceived.

L-R from Lock: stopper, Retired Red Pink Prism (RRPP), Thor's Hammer, RRPP,
Raspberry and Glitter Heart OOAK, Scorpio and Aries Birthstone Star, RRPP, Raspberry Glitter Python,
Silver with Garnets, Raspberry Glitter Fern, RRPP, Scorpio and Aries Birthstone Star, Raspberry OOAK,
RRPP, Viking, Raspberry Armadillo, stopper, Freya Knot Lock.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend coming up, I will be keeping my fingers crossed for good weather for a wedding tomorrow - have a lovely day girls!  There are all the People's Bead finalists to vote for and I shall also be writing some more blog posts for the last weekend triple of April whilst trying not to spend a fortune with all these lovely tempting offers!  Have a great one folks!!

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