Saturday 25 February 2017

...and on the 7th day, I'm waiting for the 7th bangle

I've been having a love affair with bangles ever since I plucked up the courage to try the Trollbeads bangle.

Trollbeads Carved Amber with the first Trollbeads Day beads
on the silver bangle

I've never really worn bangles much before this, the odd cuff that could be bent to my super small wrists, or perhaps the 80's fashion of multiple stacked metal bangles but generally bangles don't suit me.

Then there was an oval shaped one that did, and the rest is history.

3 silver bangles with Summer Stones

Very quickly I acquired 3 silver ones, who doesn't like to stack?

Rebeligion Skulls, X Jewellery and 2 silver bangles

Then came the copper version... Then the twisted silver and copper versions, add to this copper and dark oxidised stoppers followed by decorative stoppers and I barely wear anything else.

Copper, silver twisted and silver bangles

Copper and Silver Twisted Bangles

So what is the 7th bangle?

Well you'll just have to wait as although I'm camped by the letterbox it hasn't arrived yet...

Do you stack your jewellery?
Is it piled high, or artfully aranged in it's simplicity?


  1. I really like your collection of bangles. <3 What could the 7th be?!? Perhaps a Ohm-Bangle? But they are too round, aren´t they?
    I got my first bangle a few weeks ago for my 40th birthday (oh my... that sounds even older than it feels...), and I love it! Didn´t expect to wear it as much as I do. And of couse I do stacking, simply because it´s so hard so decide what to wear. ;-)

    1. Thanks Do! Yes, love them but a wee bit too round for me, although Ohm have been top of my buying lists since December so it's only fair I give another brand a go ;)

      Ah once you've got one, there's no stopping... Over the last year I've been mostly wearing them with mixed metals and a few key glass pieces, I can't get enough of the look.

      Fingers crossed no.7 will arrive on Monday!

      Mars xx

  2. I don't do well at stacking more than two, but I do love my bangles! I only have four, so I'm impressed that you have six (almost seven!) :D Although I would love one of the Ohm twisted bangles at some point.

    1. I only used to do two, until I switched to mostly wearing metal on them, then I find 3 works rather well! The most I've worn is 5, 3 on my right wrist and 2 on my left... but again mostly metal with only 1 or 2 with a glass focal on.

      Part of the reason I want another is I'm finding I have have several that have reached a "sweet" spot that I don't want to change at all. I also love mixed metals, so no.7 will be different to what I already have ;)

      Mars xx


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