Thursday 14 April 2016

L is for Lessons

I've learnt many lessons in my glass beadmaking journey; like not picking up stringers (thin rods of glass) you've just pulled as they're still hot and will give you blisters!

Ice doesn't always end up in my drink!

As for proper lessons, I've had 2 so far, my first was when I very first started, and my second was a LONG time after - just before I bought my own kit.

The 1st beads I ever made!

Both were 1-1 tuition and absolutely brilliant, I'm saving up for my 3rd and I've also booked a weekend class in something I have no prior skills in, so lesson no.3 will probably be before that class!

As you can see there's quite a difference between Lessons 1 & 2!

Beads from my 2nd lesson.

I'm lucky where I live as I'm about an hours drive away from a great Glass Studio that has visiting teachers - the only thing  that holds me back is the money to spend on classes.  That and the fact that I'm quite a slow maker, group classes are often aimed at the more experienced beadmaker so I have a bit of a way to go before I would get the most use out of these, and indeed not hold the class up!

It's one of the reasons I've chosen a beginners class at Flame Off, whilst I'd love to do the glass glasses I'd be worried that I can't keep up at the moment, or don't have enough skills, but group classes are definitely on my to-do list!

In the meantime it's tutorials, books, YouTube for me!

How did you learn to do the things you do?


  1. Wow, the difference from the first lesson to the second - the ones in the second picture look so intricate.
    Writing I have learned by practice and the wonderful advice so many people have given me over the years. Digital art I have mostly found my own way through using a mixture of tutorials on the internet and playing around :). It's always fun.
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

    1. There was a long gap and quite a few practice torch hours between the two ;-)

      I think it's one of the reasons like keeping my rejects, always good to see the progress made!

      Mars xx

  2. That's a good question...I learned genealogy by just "doing it." I learned to drive from my dad. I had a year or so of piano lessons, but I HATED it, so stopped. Now I wish I'd continued, as I try to "teach myself" by practice, practice, practice! Gail at Making Life An Art

    1. Beadmaking has been mostly self taught from books, YouTube, trial and error but with two very key lessons. One at the very start and one last year.

      Definitely a case of practice practice practice!

      Mars xx

  3. YouTube has also been my friend for making silver beads! I borrowed a few books from the library, but they focused on ideas of what you could make. While beautiful, I was looking more for tips to improve my skills, rather than ideas of what to make.

    I hope that you have a fantastic time at Flame Off!

    Tracy (Black Boots, Long Legs)

    1. Thanks, typing this from my hotel bed B-)

      Yes it's the hints and tips that are so critical! P has helped with that but we're not there yet (spoilers) but I'm hoping for loads of those at the demos on Sat and Sun.

      Mars xx


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