Friday 9 October 2015

Flashback Friday

Today, as I was sat at my desk sniffing my OHM bead box that arrived this week (it's scented... I haven't totally lost the plot) I was contemplating the bracelets I made this time last year.

It's not surprising that they are still on my mind as I've recently received the new Trollbeads Collectors Case and I was quite gobsmacked, usually being a make and break bracelet kind of a woman, to note that nearly all of those bracelets are still made up in a similar form to how I put them together last October!!

My bracelet from last October

I love the colours in this and the combination of beads that I've been wearing it all year round, for a year!! The only change is that I needed Lenny (my main Skelly) for my 1st incarnation of my Spirit in the Sky bracelet so off he came and Snails in Love was substituted as a focal.

I adore Halloween, not for the holiday, but for the fact that often brands come out with Halloween themed beads (as they see them) that I enjoy ALL year round.

I've just had a delivery of quite a few new beads for this year's bracelet, thanks to an abandoned holiday, but I'm not sure I'm ready to break this one up yet... although I do need quite a few beads from it for the new one!

What will you be wearing this October?


  1. That is a gorgeous bracelet! I love that combination. And I absolutely love, love, love Ohm-beads Love hurts!


    1. Thanks, I still haven't broken it up yet to start on the new one, have used the excuse that I've just picked up one more silver for it preloved!

      I already have "multiples" disease in that I tend to buy a lot of glass now in doubles... but I should probably buy some beads in groups of 4!

      Mars xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's probably why it's stayed together for so long :)

      Mars xx


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