Monday 26 October 2015

A Different Kind of Halloween

I was convinced that I would need to break up last year's Halloween Bracelet* in order to make another as there were so many "must have" beads on that bracelet and I love the combination of black, orange and green!

*actually in my case an all year round bracelet - bats and skulls are not just for October!

OHM's lovely Deadhead Bead arrived just in time!

Then, being stubborn I decided to try and do something completely different with my haul of new beads - mixing them with beads that are currently "off bangle", available and perhaps some that have not seen much action lately!

This is what transpired, it is totally NOT what I had in mind when I ordered my new beads!

I went for a completely different colour palette of soft pinks and purples with metallic blues, hard stone and a sprinkling of soft black just to add some contrast.

The detailing in OHM's Deadhead bead is fabulous and you can just see the chain peeking through the eye and the teeth; I can't wait to try this on a coloured leather bracelet!

Another stand out bead for me is Elfbeads Everscale silver.  I love the sweeping curves that are not neat and even, and when you find the sweet spot for it on a bracelet it really *pops* - yes I know that sounds so cliched but it actually does!  Here I've used it nestled in between Trollbeads Blue Tiger and the original Aurora bead.

New to me, but an older Trollbeads Halloween bead is the Spider, it tends to spin on a bracelet looking like it's about to start creating a new web any second, it's a gorgeously detailed bead for those of us with a fondness for our 8 legged friends!

Another new one from my haul was Redbalifrog's Book of Spells, a  different design front to back and lovely "bookmark" detailing on the top and bottom of the bead.  Here it's between my Trollbeads Blue Hematite and Aurora Stripes, and to finish off this side of the lock; another of my favourites... one of my retired Trollbeads Zodiac Stars in Onyx.

My glorious new (to me) Redbalifrog Frog Lock, I've had my eye on this lock ever since it was released and I finally have one.  Longer than my average locks (think Big Fish/Flower in Trollbeads terms) it adds length to my bracelet but nothing I need to worry about.

Trollbeads Three Monkeys is another old bead, but again one that I've only recently picked up and not really used yet.  Great detailing as is often the case with older silvers, and it complements the same level of details on the new Trollbeads Heart Catcher (or more recently rebranded Wicked Web?).  A Spider on one side and a Heart on the other, either way, it's becoming a firm favourite of mine!

Incidentally on the Heart Catcher / Wicked Web shown above you can just about see that the heart and the spider are lined up in the same spot!

Another new silver (I really was on a shopping roll) was Cyclops Skull from Redbalifrog, I fell in love with this as soon as I saw the campaign images; it's just as glorious and full of detail in real life as we've come to expect from Redbalifrog.

Finally Trollbeads Silver Path of Life is seen here in between the Valentine bead from 2014 and the Aurora Flower bead.  I've barely used the Valentine bead but I love the contrast here between the copper hearts and the skull!

I had this bracelet as a Work in Progress when I first photographed it late at night to show some friends - but in truth I've not changed anything about it from my late night bead play.  All I needed to finish it was to see it again in daylight to realise I'd cracked it first time around.

What do you think to my new take on my Halloween Bracelet?
New era or should I stick to my beloved orange, green and black?


  1. I love it Mars! I like the colors of glass you used (non-traditional for Halloween) and love all the silvers! I like the Trollbeads spider, I may have to get that one, it looks like a nice size (I like larger beads).

    I have the Deadhead (won in a Great Lakes Facebook contest!) and posted a pic of my Halloween bracelet for you to see on your blog Facebook :-D I was wearing it with other glass earlier in the month but then changed to the orange/black since Halloween is close now.

    1. Thanks, the TB Spider is lovely, does spin upside down in practice but I don't mind that, I love that it's legs are not all neat and tidy - it's a great bead... I think I may need another at some point!

      Congrats on your win, what a GREAT bead to win in a comp! Just spotted your pic on FB, what's the skull to the left of your Deadhead, it's realy pretty! There's always room for more skulls in my life!

      Mars xx

    2. Thanks, yes I was really excited to win anything, but especially something as great as Deadhead, since I hadn't bought one yet :-D

      The skull is Bella Fascini Bouquet Skull from Amazon, I love it! They make 2 other skulls also (sugar skull and masquerade skull) but I liked this best. I got it awhile ago and it just coordinates so well with Deadhead! I have the Rabbit bead from this brand too, they are both nice larger detailed beads.

  2. Well, I love your green/orange/black, but your non-traditional take is equally amazing. There's definitely something mystical - not quite spooky - about the colours. Like dusk, when anything can happen ;)

    1. Thanks, I love your description - I was struggling to explain why I thought it worked (for me), it just "felt right" but I totally get what you're saying and agree! :)

      Mars xx

  3. Love the color combo in this!!! Wish I could design something like this, I'm too matchup!

    1. Thanks Jahndra!

      Sometimes I really have to force myself not to do multiples and matching... when I have and it clicks like it did here, I'm always glad I forced myself, and if it didn't work, well I don't have to show anyone... then only I would know anyway ;)

      Although unusually for me I have used up all my bracelets so for the first time in ages I might have to consider buying some more!

      Mars xx


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