Wednesday 21 October 2015

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

I'm having a Victor Meldrew moment here... a glorious 5 days of feeling much better after Lurgy 1.0 finally gave up defeated after our epic month long battle, and then I went down with Lurgy 2.0 on Friday...

An unexpected visitor who came to see
what I was up to last week... I think he heard about
my new Redbalifrog Lock!

So far it appears to be a faster, quicker version so I'm hoping it's also a shorter version and that I might be sane & healthy by the weekend.  I really don't fancy another 4 week stint - I have plans and a life to get back to!

As a result of Lurgy 1.0 I indulged in my Redbalifrog Wishlist starting with the Dragon Lock that's been at the VERY top of my lock wishlist for years.  This was shortly followed by the Frog Lock from the 2014 Me'Lange Collection and two of the charms from the Myths and Legends Collection that debuted earlier this year: Book of Spells and Cyclops Skull.  Which you might notice is doing a headstand for the photo, bear with me, it's been one of those weeks!

Look what happens when you're stuck at home ill!

In the background you can see I'm catching up with my rubber links from X Jewellery, the not so new but gorgeous Khaki colour, with more on the way now I've seen the colour in person!

I also wanted to show you what's been on my wrist this last week or two, a slightly belated delivery of beads that have gone straight from parcel to bangle.

Scott Bouwens Glass Beads

Two gorgeously deep red and black beads from Scott Bouwens - if the name sounds familiar to Trollbeads fans, Scott was the designer of the Rocky Beach Kit!

These weren't the only beads that arrived, nor my only Scott beads... but it's time to have another Lemsip and I'm flagging a bit.. so I'll leave you with just these for  now!

What new things are you looking forward to?


  1. Looks beautiful Mars! I love RedBaliFrog, I only have 2 right now, Cherub Dreams and Baby Dragon Frankie, but I've ordered 2 more and waiting for those in the mail-the new Dragon Hatchling and the Pomegranate! I'm also looking forward to buying some Elfbeads in a couple weeks when they have the Deal of the Year!

    1. Ooh Frankie is on my wishlist too, and the dragon hatchling and I really loved Pomegranate but wasn't sure when I'd wear it! Yep Elfbeads deal of the year is on my list of things I must have... along with the Trollbeads Black Friday Bead (at least 2)... now where's that money tree?!

      I haven't decided which Elfbeads to buy as I have quite a backlog on my Elfbeads wishlist so it's going to make choosing quite hard to narrow it down, do you have your eye on anything in particular from Elfbeads?

      Mars xx

    2. I love Frankie, one of my favorite beads of all brands! His red eyes are fantastic, I wear him with so many different combinations. I liked the Hatchling when the collection first came out, but it wasn't an instant must-have, but then as I looked at it more and more I liked it more, and with the Elfbeads Dragon Book lock I now want to do more of a dragon bracelet so I needed some more great beads for it.

      Then I happened to see the Pomegranate on a random online bracelet and thought it looked really nice, I have a lot of fruit beads (apples, strawberries, cherries, pineapple) so I can add it when I do a fruit bracelet and also I think it will be nice for general fall/winter. I have never seen another pomegranate charm and this one is just too cute how it's opened up to show the arils!

      Haha, doesn't sound like you will have trouble finding 4 Elfbeads to buy, Mars! I want to get the Frog Prince, the Sea Dragon, and a couple Ice Lilies I think :-D I already have 2 Seahorses, Flower Fairy, Pegasus, Guardian Angel, 2 Blush Vortex, Jungle Turtles, Sunny Dragon, and a blush or halo Everchange, plus chain and Treasure chest lock.

    3. I keep trying to do my dragon bracelet but never quite manage to achieve what I'm after in my imagination...

      I quite fancy the retired Event Horizon as well as the new version, love Fish Life and Coral, really want another Everscale. Monster Skin, Saturn and Scales are all high on my list along with Surface and Sparkle and that's not all of them and I haven't even vaguely caught up with my glass wish list! Pumpkins looks lovely too!

      Sigh, I really do need a money tree!

      Have you seen the Redbalifrog offer too, buy 3 get 4th free... I am doomed!

      Mars xx

    4. I know, I just saw that RBF offer! Sort of makes me wish I waited (but how do you know, RBF never had promos!) but I still got a better deal than full price as I ordered from Perlen so when I ship to US I get VAT deducted so it's like 20% off. I don't know if Perlen is going to participate in this promo or not (I don't really see them do promos for the other brands that have them all the time?) so I still got about the same deal probably considering free shipping and no tax.

      Are you going to order any RBF now?

    5. I love Perlen! It would be so tempting to get involved but I have my eye on the Elfbeads deal and I really want a pair of the Trollbeads Black Friday beads when they're released next month so I can't spare the cash sadly!

      I think it's a great deal for Redbalifrog fans, I shall be using a lot of my new beads tomorrow on the blog, finally got my act together for my Halloween* Bracelet!

      Mars xx

      *all year round bracelet - skulls are not just for October!

    6. I got my Perlen beads (super fast shipping only took 1 week and that's overseas for me)! Love them both.

      Yes, it is hard with all the deals and new releases going at the same time! I think I may now do a RBF set though, their beads are well priced already, so plus buy 3 get 1 free it really won't be that much total...what we talk ourselves into, right? I am doing the Elfbeads Deal too, but just 1 set of 4 beads I think. And then I am waiting until Black Friday before I buy anymore beads (which wow, that's only a month away now!)

      I love your Halloween bracelet by the way :-D

    7. I love Perlen, scoffed their sweeties and realised they were doing liquorice flavour at the moment :)

      Can't wait to hear what you get with RBF!

      Mars xx

    8. Yes, I am sick right now with a cough, so I had that licorice candy the day I received my beads, it was really good! I was looking at Perlen just a little while ago and saw the Elfbead everodd preorders, I couldn't stop myself and ordered a spider glass! Now I have to be good though and not order anymore until RBF deal and Elfbeads Deal of the Year ;-) But I can use it on my ocean bracelet too as an octopus glass!

    9. I ordered my RBF promo! I got it from Heidi's Trollbeads and More as I liked some of their exclusives, I am getting Art Noveau (a girl's face with a pearl hanging), Riesentad (a ferris wheel), Chook the Chicken (just thought this was cute, I love roosters/chickens), and then Joshua (lizard coming out of an egg) for free! They are all exclusive beads to Heidi's except the chicken. I was emailing with the store to make sure I knew how to do the promo, and they told me I could just order today and they will process it tomorrow. I'm so excited!


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