Wednesday 11 March 2015

Elfbeads - Bead Castle Launch

Having dipped my toe into the Elfbeads pool with Great Lakes and my lovely LE glass dragon, I couldn't miss out on the Bead Castle launch with some LE glass Mystic Mulberries made especially for this event!

The Event Beads ranged in colour from light to dark and they all have a little air bubble in every single bud or bumpy.  Below is a photo of some of the lighter ones, these are gorgeous examples!

Light coloured Mystic Mulberries - Photo courtesy of Bead Castle

I had originally planned for 3 myself at the preorder stage, but sadly my car had other ideas so I had to scale back my spending quite dramatically!  (To celebrate the launch, if you bought 4 beads, you would receive a LE Mystic Mulberry bead for FREE!!)

The Bead Castle launch also coincided with a new release from Elfbeads so my order also saw me picking up new designs - 2 Sea Devils and 2 Starwheels.  I'm so glad after it's debut at Christmas that the Starwheel bead is now part of the main collection.

Ironically, for once in my life, my order was rather co-ordinated (by coincidence not planned) and the 5 beads went straight from the envelope onto a bangle!

Mystic Mulberries
I asked the girls at Bead Castle if they could pick me out one of the darker Mystic Mulberries and they obliged me very nicely.

Sea Devils
My 2 Sea Devils are subtly different shades of blue, I'm not sure how well that can be seen in the photos below but I like them both whatever their colour!

My 2 Starwheels are actually my very first Elfbeads silvers.  These are beautifully dainty and I can't wait to try them out on a full bracelet later on.

More Mystic Mulberries!
Amazingly I was able to pick up another 2 Mystic Mulberries after the launch from Bead Castle via one of their bead parties on Facebook - so I did end up with the 3 I was planning for originally!

Sometimes you just get lucky!! Twice in my case!

What do you think of my picks from Elfbeads?
Any favourites?

If you fancy a Mystic Mulberry yourself, they are ONLY available to buy from Bead Castle as the bead is exclusive, and stock is very limited, as they are only made in small quantities and Bead Castle will continue to get a few in every month or so.  

Currently they are only sold via their Facebook Events as the colours vary so wildly.  When they come in and there is a FB event, a stick of the actual beads will be posted for people to choose from, first come, first served.  

If you are not on Facebook, I would suggest contacting them directly to see if they have any in stock, they may be willing to send you a photo if they are not overwhelmed with requests at the time. 

Please be polite and patient with any requests, as this is not the normal method of selling, and the small team at Bead Castle really would be going the extra mile for you, please bear in mind that they may not have any stock or they may be too busy to respond with photos.

Good luck!
Mars xx


  1. I really love the texture of the bracelet - the softer bumps of the glass compliment the harder angles of the starwheels :)

    1. Thanks Tracy, I was giggling to myself when I realised I'd accidently ordered a perfect bangle combo!

      I love the lines of the starwheels, fell in love with that bead as soon as I saw it!

      Mars xx


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