Friday 6 March 2015

Dark Fae Fantasy Necklace - Trollbeads Holly Bushes

I was delighted to receive Holly Bushes as part of a fabulous Secret Santa package back in December as it was one of the beads on my wishlist from the Winter 2014 Collection.

Holly Bushes is incredibly small but jam packed with details, which is amazing given it's size.  It depicts 3 Holly leaves on each side; one side has 3 berries and the other has 5.

Originally my plan was to use this as an end bead to my Wrapping Paper Christmas Bracelet... but then I had another idea.  I love to read fantasy books and the last few series I've read have been based on human & fae stories.

The majority of the fae in one of the last books I read were depicted at best as the traditional mischief making characters through to the downright evil, with only the tiniest hint at any neutral fae towards the end... thus these books sparked an idea for a darker Fantasy Necklace (FN).

It didn't require many beads but I think it was quite effective...

Dark Fae Fantasy Necklace

Used on a FN or a bracelet, I think Holly Bushes makes a great end bead; it partially covers the ring where the dangle or lock attaches which is a trick I love to use with some of the larger cored silver beads.

I had a lot of fun designing this necklace to match my book, but it's also good to wear!

Smaller beads... what do you do with yours?


  1. I would love to wear that necklace :)

    At one point I intended to create a bracelet entirely from small beads, but that got put aside as other ideas took precedence. So usually I wear mine at the ends of bracelets so they're beside only one glass. I still love them for their price point and it's always interesting to see the amount of detail that they can put in such a small bead!

    1. I think small silver bead bracelets are gorgeous! I haven't made one for ages but I loved the one I did using Indian Elephant as the focal silver.

      I was shocked (in a good way) as to how much detail was in Holly Bushes, although small it's a beautiful bead.

      Would love to see you do a small silver bracelet!

      Mars xx

  2. Dear Mars, Thank you for sharing this brilliant idea
    I love big beads either glass or silver... but you make me change :)
    Love from France

    1. Hi Pat!

      Holly Bushes is a bit quirky by being both small but with a large core too, it's a versatile bead as well as depicting something I enjoy seeing. My own Holly in my hedge is coming along nicely now, takes a while to get established but worth the wait!

      Mars xx

  3. Oooh love that! I'm also curious as to which series you have been reading that inspired this lovely necklace.

    1. Thanks, love this necklace! Don't know why I haven't paired Trolltree with dark beads before, yay to books for inspriation.

      That particular series was Feyland by Anthea Sharp, there's a prequel Feyland: The First Adventure, Then it's Book 1, Feyland: The Dark Realm, Book 2, Feyland: The Bright Court, Book 3, Feyland: The Twilight Kingdowm and a short story Trinket: A Feyland Tale, then it heads off into another series along a theme.

      I've been buying Kindle bundles where you get about 10 compliation books at cheap prices, then if I like the first story I'll hunt out the rest - obviously I was curious enough on this one to read the full series and the spin off.

      They're not at all heavy going, more what I would call light they are in the YA genre. The basic story without giving away the full plot is "What if a high tech computer game was a gateway ot the treeacherous Realm of Faerie?"

      Can recommend these as a quick but fun read if you like the genre... can't make any promises about their ability to influence your bracelet designs ;)

      Mars xx

    2. Oooh book one is free for Kindle. I'll have to try it. :)

    3. Definitely worth a try! I've been going through a massive YA fantasy & sci-fi phase, mostly fantasy genre though at the moment. Probably as I have so much going on I'm finding lighter books easier to read in bed :D Lots and lots of fae strories... bought my latest one as discoverd it via a blog!

      Actually the A to Z Challenge is good for that, lots of authors who have blogs take part!

      Mars xx


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