Monday 16 March 2015

Ahoy, all aboard Trollbeads Newport - 21st March 2015

Photo by Kay

Time to set sail for Wales!  Well if I'm going to buy any of the new Trollbeads Dragon beads where else would I go to buy them?

Your invitation to join Trollbeads Newport!

Next weekend (if all goes to plan aka bus willing) I hope to be finally attending one of the events from the up and coming Trollbeads Newport - a Trollbeads retailer for barely a year but making a very positive impression with their customers and other Trollbeads fans!

Photos by Trollbeads Newport

If the name seems familiar you may have read about them on World Trollbeads Day as part of the feature published on Curling Stones, or perhaps their more recent Winter Wonderland event from a few months ago.

Liz tells me that it's going to be a day of many offers,
a real treasure hunt for bargains!

Either way they are a shop to watch out for... better still, if you can, nip along next Saturday and join in the fun!


  1. Nothing is better than shopping for beautiful beads. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Liz E, so excited to be meeting lots of people I talk & work with via email/forums/Curling Stones in person... the fact we can do this over beads is just perfect!

      I've heard so much about Liz's shop and the service from other Trollbeads fans that I can't wait to see and experience it for myself :)

      Mars xx


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