Tuesday 15 July 2014

Trollbeads Bangle - Green & Orange on Black with an Lemon Twist!

There have been some lovely new uniques from Trollbeads recently and the centre bead in this bangle was one that was part of the UK set available from Macrow Beads.

It was the only one I bought (see I do try and be good sometimes) and it's taken a while to get around to using it in a new combo as I've been so enamoured of the bangles and bracelets I already have made up!

I knew I wanted it to feature prominently in it's first combo, and I love that it has a black base so I took inspiration from this and paired it with my new (to me) Onyx Beads.  I was lucky to pick this fab pair of onyx beads preloved and the twist was that I threw in some lemon prisms for contrast.

Once this bangle came together, I suddenly realised that it might just compliment another bracelet I have made up, what do you think?

I love my new orange/green/black unique.  I'm being good and haven't picked up any of the newest batches but I love all the variety, something for everyone!

What new beads & brands do you have your eye on?
I can't believe I need to cut back just as it's all got very exciting again!
Hit the comments and share what you're currently coveting!


  1. I'd say it's a perfect compliment to your existing bracelet :)

    Uniques were part of what drew me into Trollbeads in the first place, and it seemed like they fizzled out in terms of interesting (and *unique*) designs about a year later. I'm happy that they are starting to come back with more interesting designs like your featured one! I really like the crisp colours in it.

    The brand that I'm coveting most right now is Ohm Beads. Not all of their designs appeal to me personally, but I love that they take risks and come up with things that are unique. Maybe I see them as the "unique" silvers to match the "unique" glass from Troll beads? I just wish that I could find more non-stock pictures online to get a better sense of the beads since I don't have a local Ohm retailer. I've always been able to find pictures of Trollbeads beads online to help me determine what a bead is really like so I'm more confident in ordering those without seeing them in person.

    1. I love uniques :)

      I also love Ohm's boldness too, great way to run a charm brand and I love that they take risks, my love hurts bead from them is such an amazing bead!

      I think we need an Ohm blogger ;)

    2. I wasn't completely won over by the Love Hurts bead when I saw it in pictures, but I ordered it anyway and I agree it really was amazing when I got it :)

      An Ohm Beads blogger would be great! Victoria does a great job on the newer ones when she gets them, and even Ohm has started adding more shots to their website, but with the older ones it's still so hard to figure out the size compared to other beads. I know the T Rex skull is HUGE and you can sort of tell that from the price and pictures, but the UFO bead doesn't look that small in their picture when it's all by itself, but looks kind of tiny when put into a combination. Even the Love Hurts bead was smaller than I expected it to be (which is fine, I'm happier that it's smaller than it looked in the stock photo! :))

    3. Sizing is always tricky, I used to love Trollbeads retailers who, when selling ambers or silvers would always stick a prism bead on one end of a rod of however many; so that you could always get an idea of relative size!

      As I'm typing this I'm thinking I still need some vernier calipers! #AtoZChallengeFlashback

      I still want the T Rex skull, it's on a long wish list that I will work through one day, I've been really good this month, 21 days in and only 1 new unique and 2 preloved beads!

      Mars xx

  2. Your new bead is gorgeous and it really does go so well with your existing bracelet. If you hadn't said anything I would have thought you had made it together. :)

    1. Thank you! I think I've gravitated towards orange and green mixes recently so I guess it makes sense why I was so attracted to an orange and green unique ;)


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