Thursday 31 July 2014

Mistress Mars experiments with a little bit of restraint!

Now there's a headline you don't read on here very often! And, no, I've not gone all Fifty Shades of Grey on you either.

How the end of July looked to me... did I mention I love having a bus??!!

I am ending the month as I started... talking about budgets & beads!

During July 1 (brand) new bead fell into my shopping cart, a rather lovely white/cream & glitter green unique with bumps that I've since squeezed onto my bus bracelet!

I also jumped on 2 preloved retired beads for another long term project; luckily being preloved definitely helped with the budget!  I'm feeling rather proud of my little bit of restraint.  Indeed had these 2 not been retired and less abundant than some retired beads, I would have left them for another day... but even on a strict budget, with experience you get to know which beads you'd be daft to leave behind!

Pic courtesy of Trollbeads

Tomorrow I am off to visit my LD for World Trollbeads Day.  It's a new day and a new budget month, and yes if I like the bead (based on it's description & early photos I think I shall - shhhh it's a secret) it's technically the whole of my budget for the month and all the pennies from down the back of the sofa - eek!  If I do like it, then this is going to be a very tough month ahead of me indeed.

To soften the blow I've been collecting even more pennies and providing nothing too dramatic happens elsewhere in my domestic life I've a spending pot for the X by Trollbeads and Trollbeads Fall Releases 2014 (hurrah!) that is considerably bigger than I first expected (woo-hoo!), so I'm hoping for some good collections and looking forward to that process of deciding what to get!

Unfortunately the bigger pot is due to a rather splendid, but sadly missing package of beads... which got as near to my house as mere miles after crossing the Atlantic, only to be returned to sender for reasons unknown (damaged or incorrect label most likely) and as the sender is no longer trading - bye bye beads.  

Thankfully my bank are hoping to refund me providing the now extinct shop don't challenge this, which if they do after having my money and receiving my beads back I'll need more than a "little restraint" to calm down!  A'hem...

In the meantime, I wish you a Happy World Trollbeads Day for tomorrow, and I shall see you sometime in August!

(Mistress) Mars xx


  1. Yikes. Oh hate to hear about missing beads. Hopefully the refund goes through. Bigger pot is nice to have. Alas, for me restraint got tossed out the window recently as I sucked into another clearance sale. At least I'm getting a great deal right? :)

    1. Thanks Enaktra, I was so disappointed by this package going missing as it had 5 beads that were an absolutely fabulous find/price in the clearance sales that were destined for a long term project I have on the go!

      Unfortunately once the package left the UK my recourse to sorting it out and getting the beads back was slim to none :(

      Clearance sales are my big weakness, it's how I've built up a lot of my collection and certainly where I've been able to indulge in multiples, those and Trunk Shows of old... and yes you are getting definitely getting a good deal!

      Mars xx

  2. Enjoy your trip to your LD tomorrow! I wish that there was something close to me, but I shall live vicariously through the pictures of others :D

    I hope that your refund gets properly sorted! I always triple-check addresses when I am sending parcels as I am quite prone to transcribing numbers (and letters) and always afraid that I will have a parcel returned to me. I was lucky enough to catch a package to me that had been misaddressed because I happened to see the tracking say "Redirecting to recipient's new address" - and we haven't moved in years! I immediately got the number for the postal service customer support line and was able to get them to add a note with the correct address. It took two or three extra days to get to me, but it arrived. Sadly of the two packages that I got from that sender, both were mislabeled in different ways!

    Enaktra, you are extra bad - you post a list of the clearance sales on your blog!! Thanks to you, I found out that ThinkGeek had a sale on the Ohm DIY beads and I ordered one for myself (and two things for my husband to make shipping worthwhile and justify my purchase ;D).

    1. Hahaha. I wish I had more time to scour the web for more sales, but I love company in my splurging. Actually time for me to be good and get back to work. :) I have the Screw Me and Nut myself. :)

    2. Hi Tracy - Yes missing packages are never good! I really wished I'd chased sooner but the tracking said "In Transit" and I stupidly (in hindsight) trusted this - I figured it was just stuck in customs. In my defense I've been incredibly busy but have learnt my lesson. The refund should be confirmed by September so in time for the Fall Collection. So glad you caught your own parcel!

      Enaktra & Tracy - lol about your clearance sales link, I had a quick peek but had to shut your page down lest I was tempted, it's a great idea!

      Mars xx


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