Thursday 10 July 2014

Themed Jewellery - Valentine's Day: Traditional Bracelet, Bangle & Fantasy Necklace Set

Sometimes when you're just bead playing you end up making something a bit special; at least that is what happened to me when I received some beads and a lock in the post.

Trollbeads don't have that many true red beads in the collection so when I picked up a second scarlet bud, two white stripes, another red stripe and a Heart Lock in a sale (one of the infamous liquidation sales earlier this year), I knew I wanted to have a go at making a more traditional Valentine's Day bracelet, and I had just the right heart unique to build the bracelet around.

Only I didn't stop at just the bracelet, I got a bit carried away and made a necklace and 2 bangles as well.

I tend to only dabble with themed jewellery when the mood takes me, or I've been inspired by a particular bead or set of beads; yet I know that this seems to be one of the most popular ways of putting together bracelets for some.

My everyday method is a bit more functional, I tend to match jewellery to my outfit (or in some cases choosing an outfit to go with a ready made bracelet) but I've played around with a few themes recently, just for fun like the set above, and quite enjoyed myself!

Now I'm curious! Do you make / wear themed jewellery at certain times of year?
What do you wear / make and what themes are your favourites?
Hit the comments and tell me more...

Oh by the way, you also need to "forget" ever seeing this post so I can reuse it come next February ;)


  1. Most of my bracelets are themed in one way or another. :) I find it easier to be inspired when I'm working towards some sort of theme.

    The ones that I create around holidays like Easter, Canada Day, Christmas, etc. usually don't stick around for longer than the holiday, but they are fun to put together. The ones that I build around other themes are the ones that tend to become favourites. The first that I did was my "Woodland" bracelet, built around olive greens and which I kept more or less intact for about a year and a half I think. The latest is my Zombie bracelet which I've been slowly adding to for four months. Probably no-one but me would think of it as a zombie bracelet, but that is how I think of it :) Occasionally my themed bracelets will morph a bit. My St. Patrick's Day bracelet became my "lucky" bracelet and stayed together until recently.

    1. Hi Tracy

      I love the sound of your zombie bracelet!

      I guess my Winter Beach Bracelet is my other heavily themed bracelet, which is also still together, hmm this is becoming a habit; I guess I can see why people like doing bracelets in this way. Remains to be seen if I change my make and break ways (I don't think so I like change too much), but there have been a few bracelets now that have survived the test of time!

      I'm so pleased I've got more red and white beads though, they were definitely a missing part of my collection and should make those fleeting "Christmas" bracelets much easier!

      I've made another themed bracelet last week that I've been sporting all weekend, although no-one would know it's themed as I'd have to tell them the story.

      I will be blogging that one shortly, I think I have one more bead to add to it that arrived whilst I was away... but it was a bit dark last night when I finally got home so will need to check it all out today in daylight!

      Mars xx

  2. Of course, I neglected to mention - I love your heart unique and the bracelet that you've created around it! It will be perfect for Valentine's Day :) And your RAF bead. I've always loved them, but I've never been sure how I would use one.

    What is the red bubbles bead that you have on the bangle?

    1. Thank you, I was so pleased with this set I was actually a bit gob smacked when it was finished! The heart unique is a slightly unusual departure for me but I really loved the design on this one.

      I love my RAFBF bead, I bought it in memory of my Father-in-Law as it was released the month he sadly passed away, I've built whole bracelets around it but I love the way it looks on a bangle in particular - goes really well with red, white and purply/blue beads.

      The red bead is a Luccicare bead by Christa, it has 8 CZ in it as well as steel threads, it's called Red Steel Diamonds, and is a predominently red with black threads with added sparkle, absolutely stunning - have just checked Christa's shop but she doesn't have any more in, but it was a pattern she did a few colours in I'm sure at the time so worth contacting her if you like it! Let me know if you want her details if you don't have them already.

      Mars xx

    2. Thanks, I have another bead by her that is blue with the threads (but without the CZs). I will have to be on the lookout to see if she posts another red one (or maybe request one closer to when I might need one next).

    3. Sounds like a good idea, I love Christa's work :)


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