Saturday 28 June 2014

Back from holiday & new adventures!

Hello everyone, it feels like such a long time since I last sat down to write a post; given that my Post Card #Flashback series had to be finished before I went away, I guess it technically has been quite a while!

So how is everyone?

Unlike my previous holiday the weather this time was glorious, if you follow my Twitter or Facebook Page you would have seen the lovely blue skies and scenery I posted whilst I was away, I came back so relaxed I could barely remember my name.

I love to stop and stare at scenery and was often late meeting friends and family because I was lost in the glory of such lovely light!  As usual these were all taken on my phone, so I can only begin to imagine how they would have turned out had I taken a camera!

What did I take with me to wear in such a lovely place?  Well as regular readers will know I tend to travel quite light jewellery wise when I'm away.

Two necklaces, Trollbeads Naughty Dragon on a Trollbeads silver chain and a Green Amber pendant on a Trollbeads black leather necklace.  Neither of which had much wear after Day 2 as even with Factor 30 and shade, I was still tinged a pale pink in my neck area!

Bracelet wise I took 2 Trollbeads bangles, one red themed and one Onyx & Labradorite, my Rebeligion Skulls Bracelet and my Links of London Skulls Bracelet.

Ever one to mix and match I moved Naughty Dragon onto my bangle one night!  Excuse the different tones on the photos, although as you can see I'm sporting my new favourite polka dot dress in both pics!

I'm curious, what jewellery do you take away on holiday with you?
A few favourite pieces? Something for every outfit? Nothing at all?
Hit the comments and share all!

I'm back home now and whereas I would usually be suffering from post holiday/back to work blues... I am already planning my next adventure... I've bought a bus!


  1. Funny thing, I haven't really been on holiday since I started with beads :D (which really has nothing to do with the beads, but more that I had kids. The start of my appreciation of beads just happened to coincide ;))

    But pre-kids, I would take one or two necklaces and that's it. I suppose if I went on proper holidays now I would add a bracelet or two as well. We do a bit of camping now and I always feel a bit odd without a bracelet on but I don't want to get dirt/sand/firepit ash in my bracelets so it's best that they stay home.

    1. When I'm camping I rarely take anything away other than the rings I wear and a watch for the same reasons.

      I have found my Links of London travels okay in that regard, but then again I can wash that one :)

      I have made an exception for one necklace, but I'll cover that another day ;)

      Mars xx

  2. I would be too afraid of losing my beads while traveling so I tend to wear my non-bead jewelry. Usually wear something that is fairly neutral that would go with everything. Looks like you had such a wonderful time at your holiday. :)

    1. I love Trollbeads bangles for that reason, you can take a few away without it being a full silver bracelet! Although I was a bit naughty taking "stones" away with me but I love my onyx and labradorite bangle :)

      I had a really lovely holiday, so relaxing! I caught up with friends and family, got to see some lovely scenery; it was so warm that there was very little choice about not doing too much, although we did take a crazy walk at midday up to one of the bays (no shade and uphill) which was a bit daft, but the view and the meal was well worth it when we got there!

      I can't believe that it's almost a month now since I flew out, it seems like it happened last year already!

      Mars xx


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