Monday 2 June 2014

Fantasy Necklace Designs

I've written about Fantasy Necklaces before, specifically in this introductory post and again at Christmas when I designed this necklace (Pearl, 120cm) to go with my Christmas Bracelet...

Since I bought my black onyx Fantasy Necklace it's become one of my regular necklaces.  Being shorter (80cm) I'm finding it's a lot more versatile for throwing combinations together and wearing everyday.  Here's  a quick reminder of what I've been doing with it.

My last incarnation of my Onyx Necklace, before I lost myself in the Carved Ambers, saw me swapping a few beads around ready for a brief trip to the Lake District.

View from my bedroom window, wet, wild and wonderful Windermere!

I kept the Silver "In Your Heart" pendant in the design again.  This pendant has been really good value for me, it's only come off my FN recently to make way for my carved ambers!

I've used the triangles silver at the bottom with a prism bead on top, and I sat the Heart pendant on the Two Sides to Everything silver charm, popped the snake back on, but inside the Heart this time, and changed the zodiac star on top from onyx to garnet and voila!

I teamed this necklace with a red and black bangle and my Rebeligion See No, Hear No, Speak No Evil skulls bracelet.

Here is how my Onyx FN necklace looks today, unsurprisingly it's still made up with my carved ambers!

How I'm wearing my Fantasy Neckalce this week!

I used to swap and change general necklace lengths frequently, but up until recently I'd only been wearing shorter necklaces (45cm) with a pendant; my 2 Trollbeads Fantasy Necklaces have ignited that passion for wearing longer necklaces again.

Speaking of which I really must revisit my Pearl FN as that's not been worn since Christmas... but I have a new idea for that so I shall save it for another post!

How do you wear your necklaces, short, long, inbetween or not at all?
Hit the comments and tell all...


  1. I'm loving the heart pendants !! I love long necklaces, short ones make me feel like i'm being strangled haha

    Kate x

    1. I can't do chokers at all, love the idea of them and the look of them on others, but I get the same "strangled" sensation! They don't suit me either so I guess that's a bonus :)

      Mars xx

  2. I love long necklaces so you can wear them different ways - let them dangle or loop them double. Your fantasy necklace with the amber looks wonderful!

    1. Thanks Liz, that's my favourite at the moment :)

      Mars xx

  3. I'm also a fan of the longer necklaces. That said I did just get the shortest Asian Cord for the new X by Trollbeads Bird Skull.

    Okay so I know some people will hate me for saying this since we're only just in June but I'm yearning for fall colours :( Given that your necklace really appeals to me :D (Disclaimer - I'm suffering in the sun with my super pale skin. I've apparently developed hay fever and there are bugs everywhere :(())


    1. Can't wait to see the bird skull in all it's glory!

      Yep know what you mean, I love the darker colours xx


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