Tuesday 27 May 2014

X by Trollbeads: New Limited Edition Ocean Blue Rubber X Links

The new X links debuted on 23rd May and although I don't have any nearby shops, our lovely postie managed to deliver mine the following day - go postie!

New Ocean Blue Rubber X Links!

Saturday saw me make a triple stack but it was hard not to keep using the black rubber X links as I was playing with my new metal links; so Sunday was the day I'd set aside to experiment more with the blue.

Yesterday I'd postulated that the new links look better with silver links but never one to give up on a challenge I thought I'd use all my links to make new bracelets in blue, both the silver and the bronze!

Here is the result, step by step and finally teamed with a fabric wrap.

Ocean Blue and Silver X combination

Ocean Blue, Silver and Bronze Bracelets

Ocean Blue and Bronze Bracelet, with a twist of Silver!

Double Stacked Blue X Bracelets

Triple stacked with a fabric wrap

I had a lot of fun making these up in the garden, it was a sunny day for a change, so I made the most of the time!  Here are the snaps I took to send to friends.

I'm still on the fence with using the blue links for me personally, I gravitate to the black naturally as I love the look with the silver and bronze X links and it's hard to break that habit, I think at the moment 9 out of 10 times I'd still end up making a black/silver/bronze combo, but that's just me!

I think the blue offers a great alternative for many people, it's a lovely colour and in looking back at the bracelets I made over the 2 days, it was the one I didn't show or have a pic of on it's own that I am most likely to choose first, a long wrap of black and blue in 2 solid colours with no other links, just rubber - you can see it below as I was messing around whilst wearing the triple stack from Saturday.

I plan to remake the all blue/back rubber one
but with all the blue and even more black!

I'm dying to see more photos from others who have the blue, and what they pair them with, as I predict if I were buying this for the first time and designing my first ever bracelet - I'd probably choose different links to go with the blue; so I can't wait to see the blue with other links!

What's your verdict?  What do you think to the new blue X?
Hit the comments and tell me what you think,
I'd love to hear all your opinions! 


  1. Why are they called x links? Because they don't close all the way? If so, why not call them C links? I like the variety of photos that you use, including the rough edges.Aloha!

    1. Hi Courtney!

      The name comes from the shape of the linking system opening, which as you look at it head on forms an X shape, you can see it best in photos 5 & 6 (directly under the elephant's feet).

      Or there's a proper close up here from my first intro post when they launched --->

      X by Trollbeads

      Mars xx

  2. Hi I love that you've shown so many combos - you have a lot more silver links than me so it's a great inspiration. I bought 10 blue links but so far have only used them in a line ith all my silvers linked together in between. I'm not sure how to post a pic but will put one on Pinterest and see if I can send it you that way!

    1. Thanks Mel, I was lucky to get my delivery so quickly so was keen to have a good play and challenge myself to make something straight away.

      Just got your pin, I'm fairly new to Pinterest so very chuffed I worked out where it came from!

      How are you finding the blue? I've been struggling a bit compared to how easy I've been found the black to use, but I think some of that is I naturally graviate to black so blue is still a bit strange for me!

      Nice start Mel! :)

      Mars xx

    2. ooh dear, such bad spelling (long day) but hopefully you'll make sense of my rambling typing!

  3. Glad you got the pin! Enjoy your blog, my other half is from Hull but we don't live there or would love to visit the orsome place you wrote about! I wear my blue links to work a lot with my bangle as tend to wear navy or grey. Plus find it goes well with jeans. But I don't have much bronze though! I really need more x links but am collecting so much it's hard to focus on what to get!

    1. I know the feeling on the collecting, I am trying to slow down at the moment, I'm so busy in July but I want to set aside some quality time in August to sort through my bead box and take stock!

      If you ever come back to Hull for a visit, Oresome is definitely a place to visit - Victoria and Nicola are utterly fab, and there are some lovely places to have a wander nearby! They've done quite a bit with the Fruit Quarter and there are more plans as Hull ramps up to the City of Culture 2017.

      I must admit I'm tempted by their Jewellery Summer School but I can't really afford to use up a week of my Annual Leave right now.

      Do let me know if you ever plan to visit Oresome!
      Mars xx


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