Monday 5 May 2014

#HullFashion Week: Oresome Gallery ~ Paper Jewellery Workshop

If you follow my twitter feed you might have become increasingly confused by my "Fashion" retweets... fear not, my official status as one of the Hull Fashion Week Bloggers just means that I'll be showing you even more jewellery!

Fashion Week in Hull kicked off on Saturday 26th April and ran until Saturday 3rd May finishing with a fantastic Finale Event at Hull City Hall.  You can check out what I had to say and my version of LIVE BLOGGING here.

Oresome Gallery is an independent jewellery workshop where Nicola Fidell Chapman and Victoria Prince both work creating beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Oresome Gallery in Hull's Fruit Market

As part of everything the gallery has to offer, they can also be found guiding students on their steps to becoming budding jewellers (whether as a one off session or the start of something more), hosting benchspace in their workshop and retail space in the Gallery to those more experienced practitioners of the craft.  Oh and they stock Earl Grey tea in their kitchen cupboards as standard... these are my kind of jewellers!

Seems I'm not the only person with a love of Earl Grey

Situated  next to Hull Marina, in the fashionable up and coming Fruit Market Quarter, it's a great setting for folk to be creative... and that's exactly what happened on Sunday 27th April as Hull Fashion Week budding jewellery makers made their way to the Gallery to try their hand at a Paper Jewellery Workshop!  This was one of the several free events as part of Fashion Week.

Oresome Gallery - Learn how to make your own jewellery

The event was quite popular, so unfortunately a few people had to be turned away as there was a maximum number of spaces available.

I was really intrigued as to how people would approach this workshop, as essentially you started out with a sheet of paper, and, er, that's it really!  Paper plus an assortment of fastenings so you could make earrings, bracelets, necklaces or a brooch.

What started to emerge as the taster session went on, was clearly that there are some very creative people about, the patterns they saw and started to cut out were really interesting.  Some people had a particular idea of what they wanted at the start and some chose to go with the flow to see what happened.

All that was left to do was a bit of clearing up...

...and someone had to finish off the pile of cakes.  Oresome Gallery really are Awesome!

Oresome Gallery run a variety of taster classes... Victoria was writing up the board for the ones coming up in May, these are to make a ring or a pendant.  

Cost of the workshops are £50 and if you choose to use Silver for your final piece there is a charge for the material (£20) on top which you can buy from the Gallery.  I will be blogging about the Silver Ring Making Workshop from the 27th April in more detail on Curling Stones for Lego People later this month, so if you're interested please check back. 

Please check the Gallery Website for more details.

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