Sunday 10 November 2013

X by Trollbeads

On launch day, back on 18th September this year, courtesy of the lovely Steffans, I received my first rubber X link...

X by Trollbeads is the bracelet concept designed by Trollbeads, taking it's inspiration from the traditional anchor chain but with a twist, you buy each link individually and assemble the whole bracelet/necklace/chain yourself to your own style and design. 
X comes in single rubber links, single and double plain bronze links, single and double plain or decorated silver links, silver links with a concept and/or glass stones and to finish your bracelet off either a silver or a bronze plain lock (bracelets can be used without a lock too).   
When I first drafted this post... I actually forgot to include the single and double plain gold X links; should your budget be able to stretch this far!!
The soon to be released (in 4 days time on the 14th November) Christmas Collection features another big Silver link XOXO (which is text speak for hugs and kisses), another silver double decorative link and a new silver lock based on the heart within link.  If you need to find a retailer you can go here, although many of the online retailers will ship globally.
All links fit together by lining up the cut out X shape in each link, you push them together and voila!  To take them apart you simply line up the X shape and pull them apart, it's a very easy system to use and get used to. 
My first single rubber X from Steffans was shortly followed by another 15, then another 3 (due to misjudging the size) and my first silver single X link, Sound Wave.

To be honest I was disappointed with the size of Sound Wave, it's actually smaller in size than the rubber links and I feel looks a little lost by itself.  Don't get me wrong I love the design, I think it's one of the nicest designs of the single links, but if I'd been able to see the size in person I wouldn't have ordered it as my first silver link.  Having seen some stock photos I think these look great when used as a connecting link for two of the bronze links!

Now I had enough links all together for a simple bracelet!

You can use X links with the locks that have been made for the new system, at a push you can actually use trollbeads original locks if you line up the X with the locking mechanism (tricky but can be done, although it does look a little odd) or like me you can opt not to use a lock at all.  I just do mine up by connecting the end links, it's a bit more fiddly but I prefer the look of this when it's on my wrist.

Before my first Sound Wave arrived with me I'd actually ordered a second one so I ended up with two of them. Not to be deterred, I really enjoyed wearing my X bracelet teamed with my Story Starter Bracelet and a variety of bangles and it was one of the bracelets I took away with me on holiday. 

Back in the UK after my holiday, when the US Trunk Shows started, I decided to go for broke and use this as an opportunity to sort out my X bracelet properly and I put in a much bigger order for more rubber links, another 2 single silver links and 4 of the double silver links.

I had great fun choosing what to buy and opted for 2 of the My Star link, Lovers Bond, Order in Chaos, Lots of Love and DNA.  When they arrived I wasn't disappointed in my choices at all, great big chunks of links and given what I now know, had I had my time over I would have chosen My Star to be my first silver X link.

My Star

Lovers Bond

Order in Chaos

Lots of Love


I set out to play and what struck me was how easy it was to quickly make and break new combinations, unlike other systems you can swap out links without having to dismantle the whole bracelet - this was my first proper play now that I had more than 2 silver links to choose from.  Below are some of the quick snaps I took to show my friends.

What I finally settled on was making 2 single bracelets to wear together, using my 2nd My Star as a dangle.

I love X by Trollbeads!


  1. The size of some of the single links is probably the thing that I find off-putting sometimes as well. Like you, I think they get lost among the chunkier black links. I'm hoping that maybe they will work better being between two bronze links? Even my Lovers Bond I find looks a bit wee among the black links. :\

    1. I've not seen any of the other single links in person apart from the ones I have, Sound Wave and My Star as unfortunately I have no retailers near me... well that's not strictly correct but when I popped into the Joshua James shop for a play they weren't stocking it in the shop, just on the online side of their business.

      I think the single links that have some bulk on them, with an element that sits on the top of the link will work better but at the moment that's just my hunch! I think Victoria over at Endangered Trolls commented that the single heart within link was very small too.

      I really like Sound Wave between bronze links, and I think budget wise some double bronze links might be next in line for purchase. I do slightly regret getting the 2nd Sound Wave before the 1st one arrived but that's just me and I really wanted some silver links to take on holiday with me so I was on a deadline!

      I love Lovers Bond, I think it looks great alone on a bracelet of just rubber links, although I know what you mean in terms of size, but a definite better 1st buy than Sound Wave in my opinion ;) I'd like to try the one with the knot on, Forget Me Knot

      but I shall be good and wait a bit longer...

      Mars xx

  2. Meant to also say I really like how you used the star as a dangle :D

    1. Thanks, I think I saw that somewhere else first so credit to whoever did that first! I can't wait to get more rubber links too as I really like some of the twisted multi-strand bracelets I've seen done. The best thing about playing around with this is it's so instant!

  3. Yes, got it. Understand the X shape now. Good pic.

    Maui Jungalow


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