Friday 2 May 2014

Behind the Scenes of #HullFashion Week - HUGH RICE the jewellers

If you follow my twitter feed you might have become increasingly confused by my "Fashion" retweets... fear not, my official status as one of the Hull Fashion Week Bloggers just means that I'll be showing you even more jewellery as we go along!

If you read yesterday's post, or follow my twitter feed you'll know by now that Fashion Week in Hull kicked off last Saturday, which for me, was my day to go out and do some research into the local jewellers and clothes retailers who are taking part.  As I was walking around from meeting to meeting the buzz in the city centre was amazing, unfortunately for me there was no time to stand and stare.  Down to business!

HUGH RICE in St Stephens HULL

HUGH RICE the jewellers
HUGH RICE are a local jewellers in Hull, who unsurprisingly were started by one Mr Hugh Rice, and although he has since retired, the company are still very much in familiar hands, both from a business perspective and on the shop floor with family members popping into the conversation everywhere.

HUGH RICE stock the usual jewellery brands you'd expect to see in any high street jewellers as well as being an authorised Pandora retailer with specialist Pandora Outlets as well as in store.  They also buy and sell preloved jewellery (which I didn't realise before) and many of their customers are lifelong; coming in to upgrade their stones in their existing jewellery as well as purchase new pieces.

When chatting with the staff about how HUGH RICE grew to where it is today, you can't help but be impressed by the story.  Hugh Rice himself started out in the infamous Carmichael's in George Street and now they have shops in Hull, Leeds, Sheffield, Harrogate and Beverley.

Despite walking over this several times I only noticed this as I was leaving, always look down as well as up!

It was at their fabulous double fronted store in St Stephens, that I met up with the HUGH RICE team to talk about what they might have in store for us on Saturday at the Finale Catwalk Shows.  The final lists hadn't been decided when I visited, so I can't show you any sneak peeks, however what I can show you are some of the possible contenders!

From the Swarovski Range
These are very sparkly as you'd expect and my favourite rings are shown first, I adore this colour!  These were in the sale, along with a few other pieces and I'm pleased to report that my willpower stayed intact as I only photographed them and didn't walk out with one on my finger.

From the Michael Kors Range
This is not the kind of jewellery that I personally wear so I hadn't really paid much attention to Michael Kor before, but I can really see how this would work very well as a fashion brand, and I confess that I did linger over those silver rings a bit longer than necessary!

From the Thomas Sabo Range
When Abi asked me about Thomas Sabo's Karma Beads last month I didn't pay too much attention until I saw the catalogue.  HUGH RICE helped fuel that interest as I was let loose to photograph them in more detail... I fear it may not be long before I succumb!

Fear not if Skulls and this style of jewellery are not your cup of tea; I also discovered some lovely colourful wraps for your charms!

Wraps from Thomas Sabo

I really like the bottom set of wraps and I can guarantee I'll be going back for a few of these!  I also thought the bracelets were pretty cute, I love the bottom set in particular!

An offer HUGH RICE have on at the moment is they have some Gift with Purchase items for Thomas Sabo, gifts will vary depending on how much you spend and when they're gone they're gone!  HUGH RICE allowed me to give you a sneak preview so get them whilst they're still in stock!

So my mega long post is almost finished, I hope you've enjoyed a look at a tiny fraction of what HUGH RICE has to offer.  Just before I go to get ready for tomorrow's big finale at Hull City Hall, let me share a few more things you might be interested in...

HUGH RICE still repair watches just like they did when they started, along with other repairs as well as offering a design and commission service, all at their Service and Design Centre in the back of the shop at St Stephens.

Watch repairs are still carried out on the premises

I also need to let you know that HUGH RICE have got 2 main offers running at the moment.  
  1. Pop into the shop and talk to the staff about the chance to enter and win either a male or female piece of jewellery from Thomas Sabo.  
  2. Running until Saturday (3rd May) there is 10% off selected brands for customers who are purchasing from the store (not available online - sorry!)
So if, like me, you missed them at the Business Breakfast event on Thursday, pop by the store and take a look at some of the current offers!

Hull Fashion Week Finale is live at Hull City Hall, Saturday 3rd May from 11am - 4pm

You can also catch HUGH RICE on the catwalk... so what will you be doing tomorrow?

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