Sunday 25 May 2014

Copycat Combos: Carved Amber Fantasy Necklace & Bangle Set

When Victoria from Endangered Trolls posted her giant carved ambers on a Fantasy Necklace (FN), they were so fabulous, I knew I had to copy the idea!!

Carved amber & silver combo on an onyx Fantasy Necklace

I've never put any of my ambers onto a FN before; probably because all my other ambers come in a myriad of shapes, sizes & colours and I think it might look a little odd.  The 3 carved ambers I've used here are all tea-coloured and similar in shape so they work really well as a co-ordinated combo.

I've had this made up for a while now and originally my bangle design was just my Rose carved amber (I told you this was a copy cat combo), the only difference was I paired mine with Trollbeads "Two Sides to Everything" silvers to create a tapering effect to the stoppers.

This is actually my favourite version of my carved amber bangle; but a delivery yesterday led to my Carved Amber Indulgence Bangle.

Rose carved amber bangle

We were sat in the kitchen at the back of the house when the arrival of the postie was announced by the clang of the letterbox flap falling off, I dared to hope, but didn't actually think my new amber beads would have got here that fast - I think it is fair to say that yesterday was a good mail day!

I did tell you that I have no off switch where carved ambers are concerned didn't I?  I couldn't resist adding these two to the bangle as well!

Carved Amber "Indulgence" Bangle: Rose, Turtle & Ladybug

My turtle is lighter than my other carved ambers and is just beautiful, when I first saw the carved ambers appear a turtle was quite high up on the wishlist of beads I wanted; wish granted!

A ladybug was also on my wishlist, and this one happens to be extra special - whereas most carved critter ambers have 4 of everything, mine is quite a small bead but with 3 very plump ladybugs instead of 4 small ones!

Close up of my new beads: A 3-ladybug bead and I love the turtle crawling up over the ridge of the middle bead!

I couldn't be more pleased with my new additions, or how I'm wearing them.

Clearly huge thanks go to Victoria for showcasing the giant ambers on a FN in the first place as I wouldn't have naturally paired my ambers with my FN and it seems such an obvious match in hindsight!

Carved amber FN and Bangle Set

I love the carved ambers, I would happily eat beans on toast for a month to acquire another/others; not so sure my husband feels the same way (he likes the ambers but hates baked beans).  For me, I put these on the same level as the LE Chinese Silvers of 2009, yes I love them that much!

I don't believe I've indulged myself this substantially since I collected a full 2nd set of the Zodiac Birthstone Stars after they'd retired from the Collection.  I think it's true to say that I threw my budget out of the boiler shaped hole in my wall!

What have you indulged in?  Any tales to tell?  
Hit the comments and let me know I'm not the only one... 
or am I?


  1. Totally, utterly jealous! :D And good call on using the Chinese Silvers! They work perfectly here I think.

    Budget be damned, you'll *never* regret these


    1. Spot on re: budgets and regrets and budgets - not a chance with these!

      Thanks hun, glad you like it, after all I do *owe* you for this necklace design ;)

      Mars xx

  2. These are beautiful Mars!

    1. Cheers lovely, cue me breaking into "These are a few of my favourite things" a la Julie Andrews!

      Hope the exams are going okay, guess you'll be free soon-ish?

      Mars xx

  3. At least your husband didn't make a comment like mine did. I notice you bought a bunch of beads lately, what are you going to do with all those bracelets? I said wear em of course, I'll rotate them and make different designs. (My collection is nowhere near lots btw -- I just started). Makes me think I need to start hiding my beads.

    1. I think if you are going to amass a lot of anything, then them being small beads is quite useful as they don't take up much space! Easy for hiding when necessary ;)

      I love all my beads, I feel guilty if there are ones that I don't wear as much which is inevitable when you become a crazy bead lady... it's a fun life though & my husband feels the same way about synths... they take up a lot more room though!

      Mars xx

  4. Wow, you and your ambers always make me want more ambers! :D I thought your rose was pretty, but the turtle and ladybugs do set it off so nicely, they are meant to be together ;)

    Of course, I also like the ambers on your FN - the jet black onyx is a really nice contrast to the warmer tones of the ambers.

    1. I've been meaning to pick up some onyx stones for a while for my bracelet, but I keep getting distracted by new things! I sometimes use sahara night as substitutes although that's a different look in itself!

      I'm finding it hard to sit on my hands where these are concerned, so far I've managed to resist a 3rd fish and another ladybug! I'm trying to rationalise it by thinking I should only splurge if it's a design I don't have but it's hard!! I'm thinking of taking a short break away and that's helping... if I buy 2 more ambers I can't afford to go away...

      Mars xx


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