Friday 14 February 2014

Ohm Beads Love Hurts - Valentine's Bangle for Jess

When I first set eyes on Ohm's Love Hurts, I knew that this was the bead for me.

Not only did I know this immediately but something strange actually happened in that I had quite a visceral reaction to the bead itself and it seems I wasn't the only one.

Each scar on my heart represents a person to whom I have given my love.  Each patch represents the love I have received.

No doubt for me that this was in part due to the day it was launched; as this happened to coincide with the anniversary of saying goodbye to a much loved companion, my dog Jess.

Very quickly where the bead appeared for sale, it then appeared out of stock!  Love Hurts is a limited edition and I knew I wanted it as soon as possible.  Ever the bargain hunter, but I didn't even pause for breath to take Ohm up on their fabulous offer - as a Gift with Purchase free with a 100 euro spend on other Ohm beads - I ordered it direct for immediate delivery.

Service from Ohm was great and Love Hurts duly arrived - I wasn't disappointed, the bead is every bit as good as it looks in the stock photos, boasting a different view from every angle.  The detailing is superb, hence the upside down and side photos as well, and I'm told the bead is big by Ohm standards if you're already familiar with the brand.

I've been waiting anxiously for several other beads to arrive as I knew what I wanted to make - a black and red bangle using Trollbeads new Sahara Night beads from the most recent collection and old favourites, the red prisms, with tiny small heart silvers and a black spinel tassel.

L-R: stopper, TB Red Prism, Hearts small, Sahara Night, Ohm Love Hurts,
TB Sahara Night, Hearts Small, Red Prism, Black Spinel Tasel, stopper.

The final delivery actually didn't arrive until after lunchtime on Valentine's Day - I've literally only just been able to put Jess's bangle together; it was totally worth the wait.

Jess: 1991 - 2006

Thank you Ohm for making this bead.

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