Sunday 2 February 2014

Trollbeads Limited Edition - Sunrise Blossom

Last year there was a flurry of activity in small releases of Limited Edition (LE) beads in the US... as these are never fully confirmed some have morphed from just concept stores, to oh okay, now other stores can carry them, to look here they are in Europe... who knows they may even make it into a local store I can catch a bus to in the UK.

Sunrise Blossom

Unfortunately for me, wanting one of these and shopping via the US to make sure we got one, myself and my good friend did end up paying over the odds for something we could have bought more cheaply more closely to home without all the extra fees involved (customs and UK post office "handling" fee) had we waited.

Bitter?  No I'm not actually; perhaps a bit exasperated with Troll at the moment, but knowing that Troll can (and do) change their mind about availability and future distribution of beads I knew it was a possibility; admittedly the beads crossing the Atlantic only a short couple of months later does make me wish that Troll would decide what it wants to do distribution wise with these types of beads, announce this and thus stop all the apparent faffing.

Confusingly Sunrise Blossom briefly appeared on the official Trollbeads UK website as Sunrise; along with all the other "US now Europe LE Beads" but has since disappeared again along with the others.

However, politics aside, Sunrise Blossom is a really lovely bead AND it's a flower which you don't normally find me saying in the same sentence!

The bead is a lovely combination of oranges and yellows, one of the reasons I was attracted to this bead was the background colours around the core; the colour is almost a stripy tie-dye effect, encircled with flowers; I think I'm embracing my inner hippy here...

Generally the first thing I do with any new bead is pop it on a bangle and have a play.

Sunrise Blossom paired with Saffron facet beads from the Fall Collection 2013 & silver lucky knot beads

Swap out the silver beads and replace with contrasting green armadillo beads (retired but you can still find them available to buy) and voila another bangle.

Swap out the silver luck knot beads & replace with retired green armadillos

I find having multiple examples of beads to use on a bangle really helpful, I've recently backfilled my silver beads with some new multiples, so when they eventually arrive you may well find some more bangle designs on the blog, er once I've showed you the existing ones, I seem to be designing them a lot more quickly than I'm blogging them!


  1. I'm not usually a flower person, but I don't know if it's the colours in the Sunrise Blossom or if the flowers just aren't as overt, but it has interested me since it came out. I was hoping my fav dealer would have one when I visited a few weeks ago so I could see it in person, but they did not.

    I *really* like the combinations you've put it into though! I was originally thinking that if I got one I would do a monochromatic combo like your first, but I really like it with the green dillos too. May have to put that one on the list again for when I'm off the bead wagon.

    1. We took a punt on them last year and even pre-ordered way before the US release date.

      My friend is a big orange fan and likes flowers but I was really drawn to the effect in the background, when they arrived it worked out quite well as one had more defined flowers and the other had more background showing! I really like this bead so despite the extra costs I'm very glad we took the plunge.

      I have to say my retired green dillos have been a fabulous buy, I only got the 1st one recently and the 2nd one followed shortly after, but they've got so much use already... definite good value buy!

      I'm contemplating the bead wagon again, I've bought so much more than I intended this month; however apart from my Rebeligion bracelet which is on order, everything else I've bought has been with a discount, many with a seriously hefty discount (50% or more) - however I am aware that even 50% of a lot is still a lot! I shouldn't beat myself up too much as much of my bead fund has actually come from gift money which I've saved from my Birthday and Christmas so that I could have a splurge during the January sales and take advantage of the sale prices.

      I have my eye firmly on getting my heating and hot water system sorted this year (boring domestic spending) and with the abolition of Trunk Shows that might just help out!

      Good luck with staying on the wagon, you'll have to share your tips on how to do it!

      Mars xx

  2. So far my hold on the bead wagon is a bit tenuous :D

    Those 50% off sales have just been brutal for temptation! I really want a TB bangle and saw one at 50% off and was sorely tempted, but a few things conspired against me and I didn't get it. Sadly, with all the dealers in the US who seem to be dropping the line I don't think this is the last of the sales though :(

    1. Yep the sales have done for me and it's all been different ones, not just Troll either as I've picked up quite a lot of Story as well. Did say I was going to stop at 3 charms but that's not quite happened, and I started off so well!

      I love the Trollbeads bangle; what size are you looking for? They are so pricey to start with but half price is a good starting point! I think you do get a lot of use out of them - Kay calls them the wash'n'go option which I think is so apt.

      Good luck with staying on the wagon, I need to wean myself off my buying spree now ;)


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