Sunday 23 February 2014

Black'n'blue Fantasy Necklace Design

I fancied returning to the dark side for my next Onyx Fantasy Necklace Design.

This necklace was still made up in my lush red and black theme until I needed to borrow the red prisms for my Valentine's Bangle for Jess *mental note to self* buy more red prisms...  That necklace has had a LOT of wear and  I wasn't tired of the design at all, but after the brightness of wearing Sunrise Blossom Bracelet, I fancied a change and after all; the beauty of modular jewellery is not only that you can design your own jewellery, but that you can chop and change designs as the impulse comes upon you.

I wanted a necklace to wear with my Sky at Night Bangle and some of my X by Trollbeads and Story Bracelets.

Trollbeads Onyx Fantasy Necklace - Beads from bottom up:
Triangles, Blue Tiger's Eye, Chinese Snake, In Your Heart, Luccicare bead, onyx zodiac star.

I love my tree & crescent moon bead from Christa at Luccicare so that went straight back in.  Also a cert for this necklace was a blue tigers eye I picked up last month; so dark it almost looks black but is that lovely inky blue and ideal to compliment the darker blues in my Sky at Night Bangle.

The retired triangles silver bead I used at the bottom of the necklace I found in a sale in November, and in all honesty I wish I'd picked up the others that were available at the same time, unbelievably I was actually sticking to a budget on that purchase but for once I regret being good!  Above the stone I put Chinese Snake, who had been living on my Garden Bracelet but I'd recently broken this one up as I hadn't worn it in a while (I tend to wear it more in Summer) so it was time to recycle the beads!

I love the zodiac stars and onyx was the natural choice to finish this off in order to keep the design dark... I struggled a bit trying to capture how lovely this is with a photo, so whilst I'm happy with my new necklace, I perhaps need to work on my photography a bit more?!

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