Friday 23 August 2013

Bumpy Heaven - Florence, Milans, Moon Ocean & Artisan Bumpy Bangle!

Earlier in the week I was working in the office, I had no meetings so I was able to dress down in jeans and a t-shirt and I fancied a new bangle design to match.

L-R: Milan, Moon Ocean, Florence, Luccicare artisan, Milan

New arrivals on my bumpilicious bead bangle are Florence (centre bead) and Moon Ocean (2nd from left), teamed with old favourites, my double Milans, and my Luccicare artisan bead which regularly gets mistaken for Moon Ocean in photos.

Florence was originally part of the Tuscany Glass Kit that also included Milan (2 outer beads), it's a really nice kit and I don't think I've paid it proper attention before now.  You can click on the name link to see the full kit.

Moon Ocean is a Price 2 glass bead so it has always been sold individually, it's a beautiful translucent blue bead with a mirror edge surface as a background to the also translucent bumps, it's very very pretty.

I can see why my artisan bead sometimes gets mistaken for it where I've used it on a full bracelet, but the side by side shot below, along with the bangle shot above shows you the difference in the two designs.

L-R: Moon Ocean and Luccicare Artisan Bead

I love the look of this bangle, it's quite unusual in appearance but beautifully quirky!

I *adore* my full on bumpilicious bangle!

I've been pretty much wearing it all week, it's also very very versatile.


  1. Hi Mars relly liked this combo now on the hunt for this blue Moon Ocean Trollbead.However am wondering about Hallmarks. Checking your photos in this article and don't see any.Recently have come across a few beads that the owners swore were Trollbeads as they bought them at their LD.

    I personally bought a few Ambers from a prominent online dealer 3 were stamped 1 was not.I personally don't care about the stamp but if and when I would like to sell or trade them the lack of a hallmark could be an issue.

    1. Hi Angela

      It's a lovely bead! One of the reasons I originally started the blog was to do something with all the photos I take, plus I find stock images can vary quite a lot from actual beads so I love seeing different "versions" of production beads!

      Have just checked the bangle and Moon Ocean is stamped on the other side, I think I must consciously turn the beads over when I photograph them! Ironically if I sell or trade I do it the other way to include the hallmark.

      Moon Ocean was bought direct from a LD along with Florence (the green one) recently so know where those 2 came from :D Obviously the Luccicare artisan won't be stamped as that is not Troll but made byn the lovely Christa, I couldn't understand why it kept getting mistaken for Moon Ocean, as from stock photos it looked very different, but now having seen a production Moon Ocean I understand why. Do you have something in mind for it when you track one down? For me it was on my wish list of beads I wanted, no set ideas on where to use it - I love bumpy beads!

      Both my Milans are preloved, one is stamped and I'm not sure on the other one without my glasses on (ironically not 100% sure with them on but I've just made an optician's appointment) - I have found some of my newer beads that come direct from LDs can have very faint marks on, and I think one of my silver bracelets doesn't have a stamp on (that was from an LD). I think as long as you're honest when you sell or trade (i.e. if bought new yourself or via another collector) then most people will make their own mind up if one isn't stamped.

      I still love this combo, it's been replaced with my swap bead combo this week but I haven't got around to blogging that one yet, the photos are still on my phone and not on my computer yet!

      Mars xx

  2. Thanks for replying, no set idea what to do with the bead but thats not unusual for me. Have way too many beads.I am so in love with glass that I do not pay enough attention to the silvers.I just got my 2 nd Florence and have 1 Milan hopefully the others will be easy to come by.
    Because of my bangles I have decided I like the look of symmetry and have been busy collecting duplicates of a silver beads . I am anxiously awaiting the new Birth Month charms. What about you?

    1. I know what you mean about the bangles and duplicates, I only have 2 silvers the same, I picked up a 2nd lucky knot when the Luck and Joy bracelets came out but they've barely been off my bangles!

      I'm really looking forward to seeing the skeleton bead, I also fancy the look of the faceted glass beads that are coming out and the new lock, to be honest I'm keen to see all the glass in person from this release.

      The Birth Month flowers I think are going to be interesting, again, can't wait to see them in person!

      Mars xx


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