Saturday 10 August 2013

Troll with gems

I've had Troll with Gems for over a month now and when I came to take photographs for the blog last night, I was reminded just how amazing this bead is.

Essentially it's a weighty chunk of silver, carved (well cast but the original model must have been fun to carve) with 2 trolls of different sizes/aspects, a spiral and other marks set with 3 gems, amethyst, garnet and opal.  The stock photos show the stones in different places so I guess they do vary where on the bead they are placed... I never noticed this until comparing the stock photos with my own, oh no, now I want more with stones all in different places!!!

Troll with Gems: My big troll face has the amethyst as the top of his bead, and garnet for his chin

Troll with Gems: My big troll's chin of garnet showing the spiral and you can see the opal peeking out

Troll with Gems: My opal is under the spiral and being grabbed by the smaller troll underneath

These photos were all taken with the bead the same way around, i.e. starting at the big troll face and just spinning the bead on it's axis, the next photo is with the bead the opposite way so the smaller troll with more body detail is the right way up.  On my bead they both share the amethyst as the top of their heads.

Troll with Gems: smaller troll right way up sharing his "amethyst head"

Troll with Gems: Better detailing of his arms shown from the side

As you may have gathered the 2 black stoppers are there as the bead is bumpy so I needed something to hold it in place to photograph it, it has quite a big hole so my guess is it may fit thicker bracelets than Troll (but don't take my word on it as I'm only guessing!), side photos below showing all that lovely detail around each hole.

Troll with Gems: Side view 1

Troll with Gems: Side view 2

If you're ever thinking of splashing out on the more expensive beads I think this is definitely my new favourite one to recommend, I adore it's quirky nature.

Over the last month or so, I've been a lot more strategic when a flash sale hits, as much as you can be given the nature of them.  I've taken the opportunity to purchase 1 (or sometimes 2) more expensive beads rather than a handful of Price 1 glass or silvers for the same spend.  Troll with Gems was actually my first "strategically bought" bead.

I've already blogged some of the others
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