Tuesday 20 August 2013

Short'n'sweet on Stones

Look what lovelies I've been picking up over the last few months, thanks to the UK sales and some lovely troll friends selling their preloved beads - I'm always willing to give a stone a new home!

L-R:  pinky/purple Jasper, African Bloodstone, light grey/lavender Jasper, black and yellow Jasper,
Labradorite, Green Jasper and Zebra Jasper

L-R: Reverse sides of  pinky/purple Jasper, African Bloodstone, light grey/lavender Jasper,
black and yellow Jasper, Labradorite, Green Jasper and Zebra Jasper

I've been using stones in a lot of my bangle combinations recently but I'm also starting to make up some full silver bracelets again, nothing new to show you today; I just wanted to show you my lovely line up of new (to me) stones!


  1. Hi Mars.

    Ooooh yet more lovely stones. They are all pretty but my favourites are the African bloodstone and the black and green jasper.

    Look forward to seeing pics of your finished bracelets when you're ready to reveal them to the world.


    1. The African Bloodstone is gorgeous, even better in real life than photos, I've been using it on my bangles quite a lot.

      The black and yellow jasper is going to be an interesting one, I had to have it because it's so unusual, but I honestly don't know *how* I'm going to use it yet, I have very few yellow beads and actually very few black beads come to think of it... this was definitely a buy now, think about (the practicality) later purchase!

      Will be blogging a full silver bracelet soon, probably over the weekend sometime, it's been nice to have a few made up as I took all my bracelets apart at the beginning of July but didn't get around to as much bracelet making as I meant to due to being so busy over July and August. Got a week off next week so hoping I might get some time to sit down and have a good sort through my bead box! Mind you last time I said that I went mad in the July sales!!

      Mars xx


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