Friday 4 January 2013

Another fab parcel from Goldmine (Red and Green Bracelet)

I had been trying to make a red and green bracelet in the run up to Christmas but I wasn't having a lot of luck, I don't have many red beads and of those, some are not that red, the combinations I was trying just weren't working out for me.

So when Goldmine Boutique held a bead party on facebook in early December I saw my chance to rectify my lack of red beads.  I was lucky enough to get the chance to buy 2 gorgeous red beads and a lovely purple one, and when enquiring about payment methods (I'd bought from their website before but not chosen beads via their photos on facebook) the lovely people at Goldmine were keen to point out that I could choose a 4th bead free, in their buy 3 uniques get the 4th free promotion.  So I chose another red bead, with glitter dots!  (Glitter is getting to be quite a habit recently in my bead buying.)

I love getting parcels from Goldmine, they are always lovely.  This one had a padded cushion in a box and even better had a FIFTH FREE BEAD, even more special was the fact it was a teal coloured bubble bead which is EXACTLY what I'd been looking at the week before but I had decided to be good(ish) and leave it for another day.  It came as a surprise because even though they said they were putting in "presents" over the holiday period I had completely forgotten about this and I wasn't expecting another bead!

Lovely ooaks (uniques) all lined up... and I finally got to make a red and green bracelet I was happy with.

I've used lighthouse as the focal point as we used to live by Roath Park Lake in Cardiff, Wales (UK)
which has a lighthouse on the boating lake.

My Penguin bead has found a new home too, next to red stripe!

I love this bracelet and have been thinking of it as my "Christmas Bracelet" as that was the original intention, however driving home from work tonight it also struck me that the Welsh Flag has red and green in it's colours so until next December this may well get known as my "Welsh Bracelet"... 

Should you wish to visit Goldmine here is a link to their shop
don't forget to check out their promotions for some good bargains!


  1. I've jet to buy from Goldmine but I think I will have to soon. Heard such good things!

  2. Hi Michael!

    They are a lovely Trollbeads Dealer, and the customer service is just fab, they are becoming a firm favourite of mine after only a couple of purchases.

    I liked your blog on the new collection, be interesting to see what you do choose to get! I'm glad the new locks aren't flower related, love the concepts but I'm not sure on the design, think like a lot of the collection it will need to be seen in the flesh so to speak!

    Happy Blogging!
    Mars x

    1. mike you really need to try goldmine, they really are fantastic and Morgann and Stuart are both so lovely x

    2. Totally agree with this Pauline, they are so helpful and patient and I love to have my expectations surpassed when buying beads, it was a complete joy to get this parcel from them.

      Mars x


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