Saturday 5 January 2013

Retired Pink Prism Bracelet (Is it Spring yet?)

I had yet to use both my retired pink prisms on a bracelet after securing my 2nd one at an amazing price.  I added some other new beads, the Silver Trace, Green - Turquoise glass bead and the beautiful teal bubble bead from my last blog post and off I went!


This was the result of some bead play... and it has been dubbed my Spring Bracelet after a friend remarked on this when I showed her the photos.  Ironically this mix of colours is something I wouldn't naturally put together, it was made using beads not on my main current bracelets so my choices were rather limited.  I find this is really good as a creative process, as although it sometimes makes me frustrated, I end up making combinations I would *never* make otherwise, usually after many attempts!

I did wonder if I would wear this bracelet as it is; as the colourway is really not my normal colour scheme, however after a test run wearing the bracelet at work yesterday, I've converted myself and *love* the mix of colours now!

I think it helps that most of the beads have a great translucent quality, and I had some really lovely silver beads left over to use with this.

My green armadillo bead is so huge that it's hard to use it as anything but a focal bead, but I think this is the only the second bracelet that I've used it on that I'm really happy with, if you missed it the first time around here is the first bracelet I made just after buying it from my slightly surreal "on the way home from a festival" journey.


  1. Absolutely wonderful, love your Spring combination and sometimes it is so great to surprise yourself and do something different. Well done !!! :)

  2. Like I mentioned previously Mars, I love this combo x

  3. Thanks Patty and Pauline.

    I've surprised myself by liking this colourway. I sometimes make bracelets up to see how they look without necessarily making them for "me" which is what I was doing with this one originally!


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