Saturday 19 January 2013

Bead Addiction, Bargain Beads and Blogging!

I could actually just leave you with the title; as the first and second have been consuming me leading to a lack of the third...  So if you've been wondering where I've gone, the answer is in the title!

Writing my New Year's Bead Resolutions down in my blog really did help focus my mind, however I've accidentally concentrated so hard on these that I've inadvertently been racing through the list making good progress with most, apart from the "curb my spending" part of Resolution No.4...

Now that I've noticed this (and my totally awesome skills at really going for my goals), I think I might just slow down and try to enjoy the journey.  My inner bank manager whispers "don't forget your boiler" as one is currently playing up (hot water) and just to illustrate my point; it's gone out again!

So what's a gal to do? Apart from find a cheap plumber? What to blog whilst I attempt to get back on the bead wagon.  Remember last September Well my bead buying has most certainly got ahead of my blogging... I might just be able to catch up with myself before I fall off the wagon again... now who's taking bets to see how long I'll last?

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