Sunday 27 January 2013

Photos and bracelets that didn't make the blog (first time around)

Now I've shown you my favourite five, I thought I'd share some things I've played around with that didn't quite make it, sometimes it's good just to try things to see how they look, if they work bonus!

The first one is a bracelet that didn't work, but I really love the photo, in fact this is one I use as wallpaper on my phone, I really love the large focal bead and I do have an idea (finally) of what to do with it, I'm just waiting on a few beads to arrive before I can try it to see if it works.

The next one is a bracelet I made shortly after I bought my brown leather bracelet, it got worn but I later needed to use the dragons in my last combination, I love how the details of Azure Bubbles have been picked up by the camera.  I still use my mobile to take photos for the blog, sometimes I think I should switch to my proper camera but I like the fact I can take blog photos anywhere whilst I'm on the move to use later.

The blue leather combination below I tried out, but I didn't really rate it, it does show how different the two World Tour Lithuania beads are, and how well they go with Rainbow and Green Rainbow, but they all worked much better on my Spring Bracelet.

This was my first attempt at what eventually became my Spring Bracelet, this is one that didn't survive 24 hours...

The next two photos are shots of a bracelet that was made using a lot of OOAKs, both troll and artisan.

I love this photo, as a running theme I often take photos of my current bracelet with whatever I'm drinking, you first saw this with my coffee in "Do you believe in Fate?" blog post but I don't always post them.  On this occasion I was about to open a bottle of Stella Artois Cidre, I thought the glitter in my red beads really matched the drink!

What better way to end the post, with a night cap!  Nos da my lovelies as they say in Wales


  1. I LOVE reading your posts and seeing all the amazing combinations! What I love about Trollbeads is the myriad way in which people collect and wear them! Thanks for keeping us updated :) xxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Ems, there are so many things I do that I don't blog about that I wanted to round up a few of my favourite photos and to show some things that *don't* work for me.

      Might even turn this into a regular slot every now and then, photos, ideas that don't make the final cut but might be interesting as a collection of what didn't get included... As what doesn't work for me is a personal thing, that's the beauty as there is always something for everyone!

  2. I love your blogs and sometimes a re worked bracelet ends up being a favourite x

    1. Thanks Pauline. Indeed it's a method that works for me and I enjoy the bead play that comes with trying to create new combinations xx


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