Friday 14 August 2015

The World of Mars and Skewiff Scheduling

Well thought I'd better pop in and let everyone know what I'm up to at the moment as my blogging schedule is a little skewiff!

Side Stage View from Humber Street Sesh

I've been a busy bee in August; hanging out with my husband and friends when they all played a festival - they had sofas in front of their stage... and cover (it rained a lot in the afternoon) so guess where I stayed for most of the day!

Wales... for once in this pic it wasn't raining!

I did a bit of Pandora shopping before heading off on a whirlwind trip to Wales to catch up with family, celebrate a special Grandmother's birthday and generally chill out, with good food & drink and more bad weather unfortunately.  I also came home with some very special pieces of jewellery... but I'll save that story for later!

New Glass!

In other news - I bought some more glass and I've had my 2nd lampworking lesson - only 2 years after my 1st one! 

Pootling along by myself for the last few months, I decided it was time for some expert guidance in getting shot of some bad habits and attempting to learn some good new ones.

My own torch!

I've also taken the plunge and bought my own torch, after much umming and ahhing and driving friends and family insane with my constant, Shall I? Shan't I? questioning.  And, er, that is where the rest of my time has gone this month... I've been creating a little space for myself in my kitchen so I can make beads at home!

Alex Cramariuc - Elements Silver Set

Oh and I've also been gazing adoringly at my new bracelet made up of Alex Cramariuc Elements Silver Set... I did mention that Alex was the one designer that might break my New Years Bead Resolutions Budget and I was right, worth every single penny though!

So that's what I've been up to so far, I have a few things planned for the blog but my scheduling will remain a little skewiff whilst things settle down and I concentrate on not setting fire to the kitchen, or me, or the visiting cats, or anyone who tries to make a cup of tea at the same time... More on my progress later!

So that's me, what have you been up to?


  1. Yay for new glass rods and your own torch! Do you have to have any special kind of ventilation for your torch? Or just sit by a window?

    Your Alex bracelet is stunning. :)

  2. Yes been dipping in to those new rods all week :)

    I've ordered an extractor kit, especially as I like playing with silver! I'm waiting for the hood to come into stock so currently working with all the windows and the door open, bit naughty! You should really have ventilation as the flame will use up a lot of the available oxygen and whilst there's lots of debate about what is given off working with "normal" glass and how bad it is or not, silvered glasses and silver definitely should be worked with ventilation - I know when I've worked with silver put it that way!

    I love my Alex bracelet, such stunning pieces, really need to take some proper photos of it in detail... I just need to make the 5th glass bead, as I have 4 that are meant to be on this bracelet but had to substiture the 5th... haven't made one yet to go with the other 4!

    Mars xx


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