Monday 7 September 2015

Born in 1976, I retired 15 years ago. What am I?

It was fairly quiet on the bead front; my bead budget has been earmarked for a specific project -  so whilst I've been enjoying the bead pics of others, I've not been getting too excited despite all the new collections launching right now.

Then a fairly innocuous announcement was made on the Trollbeads Facebook page on Wednesday: 
Are you a Trollbeads collector? We have chosen a selection of our best sellers, limited edition and favourite retired beads which you need to have in your collection! Is there a particular bead you've always wanted? 
Shop our 'Collectors' favourites today:
I went to have a quick look but I was on my phone, so having seen a few regular beads, I thought nothing more of it.  This is why you should always look at EVERYTHING no matter how trivial it seems.

Several hours later and I was alerted to rumours of Quatre... went to check, and yes indeed there it was, innocently nestled on the 3rd row down, for sale, Quatre!!

Cue some running around shrieking and a desperate scrabble for my laptop as despite stabbing at my phone repeatedly (which is usually good for online shopping) it was refusing to put the damn bead in my cart.

Non-Trollbeads fans at this point will be wondering what all the shrieking was for?  Well Quatre was one of the original beads in the collection (1976 original) and designed by Soren Nielson. According to the Museum, it was officially retired in 2000, 15 years ago, and has become one of the sought after oldies, often changing hands for quite a bit of cash.

So to find one at all was very exciting, to have it for sale from an official source was doubly so, and for it to be on sale for a normal amount of money was oh my god, running round the house like a lunatic exciting...

I placed my order, and then agonised (along with many other collectors) for 24 hours wondering whether it would all be a horrible mistake, as the rumours had swept the globe (quite literally) with many people reporting that they'd also ordered.  I, myself, had put in two further orders for friends who were having trouble with the website.

Another 24 hours later, and it was confirmed that my original order went through, but sadly for my friends my other two orders did not, as unsurprisingly they were sold out.

Less than 48 hours after the confirmation came through, the postman knocked (twice), once for each bead I like to think!

What was all the fuss over?  Just two little beads, two perfect little beads!

What has been your run round the house shrieking moment?
(or is that just me??)


  1. That is so exciting!! I heard the rumours and went to check it out, but by then people were already reporting issues with orders. But that is very exciting that you could get it at a great price!

    And now I also wonder what the other project that your bead budget is earmarked for is :D

    This morning I was just thinking that I need to make a bracelet of things that make me go "squee!" and do a little happy dance. Right now it's the hummingbirds that have finally come to our feeder after years of trying. I involuntarily stop mid-sentence to say "HUMMINGBIRD!!" when I see one at the feeder.

    I'm not sure if I've had any run around the house screaming moments lately with beads. When I won my 2+2 I think I was more shocked than anything (and we had company when I saw the email notification, so I didn't really feel right doing a happy dance. I should have snuck into the kitchen ;)) I do a little happy dance when I make my own beads because I'm always so thrilled that they come out resembling what I want them to.

    1. I know, I could/can barely believe it :) *does another happy dance*

      My other project is a bracelet idea I have that's been sparked off by a silver collection, I'm slowly collecting the silvers month by month... and I was going to make the glass myself, but I've discovered this wonderful lampworker in the US who I've asked to make the glass beads. It's going to be another couple of months before it all comes together but that's where my bead budget is being diverted at the moment - well that and the bead factory I have going on in my kitchen right now!!

      I love Hummingbirds, how cool that you've attracted some into your garden!! You should always do a happy dance when your own beads are made, I think it's the maker's law or something :) I do quite fancy having a go at the metal clay but I'm not sure how that will pan out, or when I'm going to fit it in - I'm crazy busy still... can't wait for November as that's looking less busy from here but Sept and October seem a bit OMG, if I don't look at the calendar it will be okay!

      Mars xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, they are now currently on a bangle with my blue hematites and one of my own beads... I'd be giving them a lovely day and evening out but currently sat at home coughing into my kindle!

      Mars xx


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