Monday 3 August 2015

Packing dilemmas & Pandora shopping!

All last week I'd been trying to find a tiny sliver of time to pop into town and indulge myself with the Pandora 3 for 2 ring offer, a 5 day window and I live within busing distance of town; it should have been easier...

Yesterday (the last day of the promo) I was determined to get there before the offer was over; I knew I definitely wanted 2 of the Pandora rings, so it made sense to pick up a 3rd for free!

Back in April I'd tried on a lot of Pandora rings I liked at the Hugh Rice Blogger Event - not all of which I showcased on the blog; so there was going to be a big choice to be made to settle on just 3, and not 6!

It's actually quite unusual for me to be so keen on a set of fashion rings.  When choosing rings I've always tended to seek out jewellers who work to a much smaller scale and craft rings that are not produced in their many thousands.

Pandora Spinel Ring

However, I fell in love with this Silver Spinel Ring from Pandora, this was my first choice and there was no way I was leaving Hugh Rice without it a 2nd time!

Last April I'd also spotted a lovely star ring but I couldn't decide whether I wanted to wear it on my thumb or my middle finger.

Pandora Spinel & Star Ring Stack

Pandora Spinel & Star Rings

Here I'm wearing it stacked with the Spinel ring, but it also fits on my thumb - bonus!  I think it will match my Starwheel charms from Elfbeads beautifully next time I change my bangle to match.

Elfbeads Starwheel Silver Charms

Ring shopping for me has to be done in person and not online, as even when I know my ring size, I have to try on rings in person as what I often love in the tray, I don't on the hand.

So which ring made the coveted No.3 spot?

Whilst I tried on all the lower priced rings I liked in order to make a financially sensible decision... the one I fell for was at the more expensive end of the scale due to it including 3 little wraparounds of 14ct gold on the twisted silver design.

What can I say... I love mixed metals in jewellery!  There was another silver and gold band that I liked that might have pushed me to buying 6 rings in total, but luckily for my bank balance they didn't have it in my size!

Having spent considerably more than I first intended, off I went... now all that's left is to decide which of these 3 rings are coming with me on my trip!

Have you indulged in any of the previous 3 for 2 ring offers from Pandora?
Spot anything you fancy today?


  1. The detail on the spinel ring is really nice, I can see why it appealed! Plus, the black is such a nice contrast to the silver.

    The star is also fun little band and looks great stacked there, plus it looks like it would go great with the Elfbeads silvers. :)

    But I really like your last ring! I've seen the similar bead that they have, but didn't realize they had a ring to match.

    I didn't indulge in this promo, but I indulged in a Pandora promo a few years back with rings. Then, I never wore the rings and ended up trading them. :D I know one was a moonstone, but I don't remember what the other one was (at least I'm pretty sure I had two, but I don't think it was a 3 for 2 deal, I think it was a certain spend and you got a small jewellery box).

    1. That 3rd one has become a pretty permanent feature on my thumb at the moment, I can't stop wearing it :)

      I didn't take the Spinel ring in the end as it didn't suit the jewellery I was taking away, but I think it will also go great with my X Jewellery and my Karma bracelet so some more experimentation is needed once I get some time to play around with different combinations!

      I quite like the birthstone rings, I have my eye on a couple of those for the future - I was quite naughty buying these 3 as it wasn't financially my "time" to get them, but I had promised myself when the promo happened (but I didn't know when they normally do so a bit hard to plan) I'd treat myself.

      Although having seen the Trollbeads Autumn Preview today I'm thinking I might need a bit more cash from somewhere!!

      Mars xx


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