Tuesday 12 August 2014

World Trollbeads Day 2014 - Part I ~ My World Trollbeads Day

When this was first mooted, I cast a glance over the whole concept but really didn't pay it that much attention.  I did check out the list of stores that were hosting a party, there was good interest from retailers but nothing local, so I went back into my hole...

What *finally* piqued my interest was the confirmed rumour of the bead being "old skool Troll" and something of a return back to basics...  NOW Trollbeads had my full attention... even if there were only a few days to go at this stage!

I did stick my name down on a reserve list from one of my favourite dealers and huzzah it turns out my Local Dealer (LD) were in fact taking part; they were just a bit late to the official party list!  So now I just needed to book a couple of hours off work, check my bank balance (eek) and off I went in search of Trolls!

My LD was having a quiet day Trollwise, great for me as I got to play with all the beads, catch up with the team at Beaverbrooks and admire some very pretty trollbeads from a private collection... oh and I did indulge in some sweets first, a biscuit and have a nosy at the Candlesticks and Bowl!

What about the bead I hear you cry?  Okay maybe I didn't actually hear that... or at least I hope I didn't or there are some people underneath my window shouting at me whilst I write!

The bead is a hefty chunk of silver, with a price tag to match (in the UK), depicting 3 different Troll faces and is definitely reminiscent of early Troll, which isn't surprising when you discover that the Designer is Soren Nielson.

World Trollbeads Day 2014 bead - 3 Troll faces

The bead is stamped inside with 2014

I set to work immediately with a few combos, as I was sure I was going to buy a bead from my LD; even though I also had one on it's way!  With a global market it's not always cost effective to buy from my LD on the day, even so, I always make sure I do buy locally as well, to support my LD and the brand, especially because...
I love the "on the first day in shop experience" and I'm lucky to have a great LD who does get the beads in for release day, with staff who understand that Trollbeads customers like to play, and play, and play with the product before buying! 
It took all my willpower not to buy a 3rd, but I figured I'd better leave a couple in the shop for other customers and some money in the bank so I can buy something other than baked beans for August!

World Trollbeads Day 2014 Limited Edition Beads with Carved Amber Rose - Front Views

World Trollbeads Day 2014 Limited Edition Beads with Carved Amber Rose - Side Views

This bead is fun on a bangle but it's absolutely stunning on a Fantasy Necklace, I'd taken my carved amber beads in to show the staff as I'd promised them last time I'd bring them all in.

Look who looks magnificent guarding my carved ambers on my necklace...

Carved Ambers with
World Trollbeads Day Bead
Fantasy Necklace

This necklace came away with me for the weekend as it was; I didn't even bother to tweak it, as it was perfect from just the (not so) quick bead play in the shop! 

Oops I almost forgot to show you my goodies, probably because most of them disappeared when I got back to work!  I had a very early lunch... so I needed a sugar rush later on in the day, a'hem!  I'd love to tell you that I was generous and that I shared, but, er, I didn't!

I came back to work with a bead and all of this courtesy of my LD!

Now I just need to wait for Trollbead No.2 to arrive and to behave myself and not buy Trollbead No.3... Did I mention I quite like this bead??

Stay tuned for more World Trollbeads Day tomorrow!


  1. Oooh thanks for writing and showing us your goodies. You know I've already expressed my admiration for your bangle combo. Love, love it.

    1. Thank you Enaktra! I was lucky I had enough willpower to take pics of the goodies as they really didn't last long, whoever picked out the combination of sweets from Troll did good, they were all delicious! Plus I road tested many biscuits and they suited coffee, normal tea and Earl Grey... although I'd be happy to test a bigger selection of teas if anyone wants to send me more biscuits!

      Mars xx

      P.S. - I'm telling everyone to come back tomorrow, same time, same place... I *love* tomorrow's post so so much!

  2. Stunning bangle you have there! Am not jealous...... am not jealous....... :)

    1. Ah yes, the Carved Rose... one of my most prized Trollbeads and still can't quite believe I was lucky enough to be able to buy this one! Stick it between two Trolls and I'm a very happy lady :)

      I've been playing with the Trolls in other combos so I may have to stick a quick post up ;)

      Mars xx


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