Saturday 9 August 2014


Well dear readers, this is the first weekend I've not been away since I can't remember when... or actually I can, it was May!

However as much as I want to throw some food and a change of clothes onto the bus and set off to do some more exploring... actually I want this quite a lot, we used the car for last weekend... so I've had quite bad bus withdrawal symptoms this week.  I have to be all grown up and actually get some boring grown up stuff done.  Our garden is a jungle, the house looks like we've been burgled and er, I know the cleaning has been "teenage" as I can still see some brick dust (from May).

So what has this to do with beads you may well be asking if you've read this far?  

My title was not about all the boring domestic stuff that needs to be done; it's about all the fabulous collection news that's hit this week from Trollbeads, X by Trollbeads and Redbalifrog, along with 2 lovely blog posts I have planned for this month and I'm also going to tackle my bead box, do a bit of sorting and some bracelet breaking!!


This morning I'm going to tackle the box, I'm well onto overspill now so I've bought some more pipe cleaners and a tuperware box and I'm going to have a sort whilst I'm breaking some bracelets up.  I promised myself that I would do this in August when life got a little less crazy (I think I promised this before I bought a bus) as I want to *really* look at what I've got collection wise.

The recently released collection by Redbalifrog on Friday (Me'lange), the World Trollbead Day bead and the upcoming Fall and Halloween collections from Trollbeads and X by Trollbeads have left me once again with a huge want vs budget dilemma.  I want so much from these collections (a good thing because they're exciting) but I want to spend smart so I get the most use out of what I can buy first... hence the tidy up.

Who knows if I get my bead box sorted I might even be inspired to start on the house and garden...

What are you most looking forward to in August?  

Pop in, leave a comment and distract me
from the boring grown up things I have to do...


  1. Honestly, I'm trying to get through August without buying any more beads :D I bought the Trollbeads Day bead, but I'm hoping that will be my only bead purchase for the month. It's a lofty goal, but there's quite a bit coming in September that I like, so I have to at least make an effort not to dig into (and really I need to build up) my bead fund. I am going to try and sort through my beads as well to find any that are being overlooked and maybe should be put up for swap.

    Good luck with your bead sort!

    1. Snap on the lofty goals... I broke mine yesterday... oopsie, luckily on preloved beads though so not as bad.

      I am going to have to have a good sit down with a list to try and work out what on earth I get from Aug/Sept's releases. I love that Troll will now officially release the images ahead of time as it gives us all chance to have a good think before we go to buy.

      I am torn by what's on offer, but also on an idea I've had for a long term project since last September (my missing package was going to help with this) so I have to decide which way to go. Fun choices though!

      Are you working on anything at the moment?

      Mars xx

    2. I have two bracelet ideas in mind, but still need most of the beads for one and about half the beads for the other. And one of the beads that I want for the second is an artisan with a 3-4 week lead time, so that's messing a bit with my "no more buying in August" goal! I've been trying to convince myself somehow that buying in August is okay if I'm not going to get it until September. :D I'm also a pretty visual person and it's hard for me to really imagine how a bead will work until I can see them first hand so I'm a bit eager to see this one in person to see if it will really work or if I'll have to start the hunt again. I tried doing an idea board for one of my bracelets with images of the beads that I think I want for it, but it's not quite the same.

      I agree, I think it's great that they are doing prerelease images (and even prerelease campaign images, not just stock images) to help with planning. Although sometimes it just makes me antsy to know what's coming and to want it *now*. Thankfully most of the beads that I want in the August/September releases are for loose ideas that I have, so they'll go on my wish list for whenever I get those ideas in order.

    3. Lol on the buying in Aug if it's not coming until Sept... I'm also trying to focus on my overall goal of not spending more than I've saved as a way to curtail this... or I could just put my car and bus in for their interim service and I'm sure that would kill my spending urges!

      The difficulty I have is with the "new, ooh shiny" element of new releases, I really like the "new, ooh shiny" part of picking up new beads... it's so seductive! But perhaps not so practical for bracelet design, as I also love looking at beads in the box it's hard to concentrate on the design element.

      I swear I must have been a dragon in a former mythical life, I just want to sit hoarding and admiring my treasures!

      Mars xx


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