Saturday 9 November 2013


Hello world! (or readers of Curling Stones at least)

I've rather enjoyed my lazy Saturdays and weekends (and evenings) spent not at the computer nor struggling with a macro setting on my phone camera cursing poor lighting... I'd love to tell you how incredibly productive I've been whilst I've been away and all the amazing things I've managed to achieve with the extra time... really I would, but in reality I seem to have been practising for my Christmas Chill Out time... achievement unlocked!

I've tried to be really good this last month and get back on track with my bead budget but I've been seriously foiled by all the new releases and the explosion of unannounced and unpredicted limited editions from the US... perhaps I should have extended my holiday to not reading about beads either ;)

Like many a canny Trollie before me I've been waiting until the US Trunk Shows so that I could really go to town on that wonderful concept of 4th bead free, consequently I've been camped by the letterbox ever since.

Package 1 appears to be having a wander around the postal system somewhere, Packages 2, 3 & 4 combined arrived along with Package 5, what a glorious mail day that was!  Package 6 also appears to be wandering, Packages 8 & 9 are waiting for stock and Package 10 is on it's way.

To those who fear for my ancient boilers, fear not; I've actually managed this without resorting to raiding the boiler fund, and to be fair package 3 was just rubber X links so it all sounds rather more dramatic than it actually is, although I am a bit concerned for Package 1 which was ordered a good week before the rest but still hasn't arrived.

So, with this is mind I plan to take you for a wander around some of my new arrivals, and maybe some old ones that I've not yet told you about... but first that late weekend breakfast beckons!

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