Friday 15 November 2013

In a Trollbeads Galaxy far far away...

I was admiring Victoria's gorgeous Night Sky bracelet last weekend and thought it was perfect timing to show you my current bangle as it's along a similar theme; it's already been tweeted and featured on my facebook page so apologies if you've seen it before!

My engraved azure and fuchsia beads had arrived just scant hours before I left for holiday last month, but in enough time to be taken with me on a bangle.  It was a busy day, beads arrived, beads to pay for, work to be done and still I hadn't finished my packing! 

It was worth making sure all my bead bills were settled before I left though because look what was waiting for me when I returned home!  My second Navy Galaxy... 

Taking a break from blogging has given me more time to actually play with my beads (and I've been pimping my bead box a la Blue Peter style) so when I finally sat down to have a good session with my beads a few weeks ago I noticed just how well the colours matched on the galaxies and the engraved azure bead.  I've used artisan stoppers as small silvers and voila!

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