Sunday 20 October 2013

Normal Service...

...will be resumed in November (or thereabouts).

I've had a lovely holiday and break (away from my cranky and misbehaving heating), the holiday started very sunny although we did suffer pretty rubbish weather thereafter.  I was lucky to have the opportunity to catch up with some friends whilst I was out there and since coming back I've decided to extend my break from blogging for another week or so and give myself some proper time out.

I've been busy with the beads, if not the writing - my Halloween Bracelet has been finished with the help of the rest of my Fall Collection beads and my final stragglers from that order did eventually arrive, the same day I left for my holiday, very good timing - especially as I took them away with me; but more on that next month!

Lenny (or Skeleton Spirit) takes centre stage, pumpkin and lilac edge have been dug out of the bead box, inner glow for some spooky lighting, I'm making good use of those multiples of Saffron and Marsala Facet beads and bringing up the rear are Mr and Ms Ghost Fighter flanked by the Pods.

I've been also been enjoying X by Trollbeads and I've been pairing it a lot with bangles and my new black lambskin Story Starter Bracelet...

What I hadn't realised until I was away on holiday; I think it was the white bed sheets that gave me the clue, was that I had peeling X too!

You can see even on this early photo below that it was happening right from the start, there's a good article on Endangered Trolls covering this in much more detail, if you're having this problem you can exchange your links for the new ones.

For the record I'm not overly concerned about the issue and will get mine sorted out when I can grab 5 mins to contact the dealer I bought them from.

My other new big treat has been a second Story Bracelet, from the very top of one of my wish lists and now (currently) on my wrist... garnet triple wrap!

Now I just need to finalise my (unusually) small order for the Christmas Collection...  Have I found new willpower?  Do I dislike the new collection?  An emphatic NO to both those questions... I just have a holiday to pay for ;)

More about Story, X and Trollbeads to come I promise dear readers,
for now though may I wish you a very spooky Halloween &
a happy shopping experience with all the exciting new collections.


  1. That Story bracelet looks fabulous on you! What a stunning colour for autumn.

    Enjoy your break sweetie <3


    1. Thanks Victoria, I absolutely love this bracelet, it's so beautiful!

      I resisted getting any more with the discount but it was hard not to spend money and get even more Story bracelets, I pretty much like them all with the exception of the cord bracelets.

      Really looking forward to seeing what the new X by Trollbeads Collection looks like too, should be a good couple of months!

      Christmas beads now ordered, just need to wait for release day so they can be shipped!

      Mars xx

  2. Ooooh which Christmas beads did you choose? The whole release is very sparkly in "real life". The glass are super glossy and with all those silver inclusions it's very festive feeling :)

    I've heard absolutely nothing about the X by Trollbeads Christmas release which is kinda fun. I don't know if Trollbeads will refuse to distribute images until the actual release, like they did at launch. Otherwise I kind of assumed we would have seen leaks by now! Normally new products are available to order 4 weeks prior to release and that's about when the images are leaked. I have a feeling the X by Trollbeads Christmas collection might just suddenly appear like magic :D

    Story are just fab.. I wear mine so very much. If I had my way I'd have one of every colour ;)


    1. Christmas beads I'm getting in "waves", the first wave is 3 Blizzard beads and a very luscious version of the bumpy bead from the red kit (I can see me getting more of these, I love them).

      I'm choosing my glass individually as I'm finding such variation, I think the kits work amazingly as a whole, but I'm being quite picky as I can't afford a whole kit and so I'm just picking up individual beads that will work for me on their own.

      Wave 2 is the silver galaxy version from the blue kit that I picked out last night :)

      Finding it amusing that the very month I decide to take my first break from the blog since I started out we've had this HUGE influx of new and limited edition beads popping up all over the shop... on second thoughts perhaps this was a good month to take off as with the day job I would have been stuck at my keyboard for the month ;) Great job on keeping up with all of it!

      Being a December baby I tend to have some gift money for both Birthday and Christmas so if X by Trollbeads make a late appearance I may even have the funds to indulge!

      Can't wait for Blizzard to arrive, I'm thinking I definitely need a 2nd inner glow as I only have one...

      Mars xx


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