Friday 28 June 2013

Double or Quits

So I've been really enjoying wearing my new Trollbeads bangle.

Bangle by itself with 3 small & beautiful beads

Bangle with a twisted leather combination and Summer Stones

Bangle and bracelet set featuring Rocky Beach Kit, Redbalifrog (RBF) beads and a variety of "stones"

If you follow Curling Stones on Twitter or Facebook then you may have noticed the sneak preview of the full bracelet and bangle set I made earlier this week...  I previewed the following surprise on there too.

Double Stacked Bangles!!

So having gone from no bangle, because it makes me feel sick to still feel slightly sick but with a bangle to yay double stacked bangles!!  So what happened?  Another tax refund?  Surprise present? Mugged a fellow trollie?

No, it was a case of right place, right time again.

Having previously returned a gorgeously deep purple faceted amethyst (fab colour but one too many inclusions) and having sold an artisan safety chain - my PayPal account was looking quite healthy, so coupled with an XS Aurora Bangle Set with the Aurora bead missing and it was bargains all round!  A few days ago I said that the only thing stopping me from buying a 2nd bangle was the price... obstacle overcome!

So how am I coping with the double trouble of putting two on and off?  Well I've struck extra lucky with this one, it's definitely an XS as it's the same size as my first, but with one slight twist...

The back of both my bangles, see the difference?

The second XS bangle has a slightly larger opening!

So my on and off dilemma on this one really isn't a dilemma, those extra couple of millimeters really make a big difference.

I'm so pleased to have found a second bangle at such a great price, and even more delighted to have one with a slightly bigger opening.  

So for anyone afflicted similarly, I guess bangles really are worth trying on/comparing in person.  I have no idea whether this is typical or a one off, but if anyone else has experience of "same size but different opening" I'd be really interested in your comments.

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