Monday 3 June 2013

Guest Spot: Pauline ~ Troll Date with friends - The Beginning

Long time readers will know that Pauline has actually written for Curling Stones previously, you can see her first post here.  What neither of us realised at the time was that we both live in Yorkshire!  Since that first piece was written back in August 2012 much has happened and it's a real pleasure to welcome her back to Curling Stones to kick off the Troll Date with friends series.

Troll Date with friends - The Beginning

"Gosh, where do I start?

This is the beginning of a story of an amazing weekend, packed full of Trollbeads, fun and friendship.  Around 9 months ago I "met" an amazing lady via facebook and our mutual love of Trollbeads.  She lives in Scotland, and I am a Yorkshire girl, but we always said how lovely it would be if we could meet up one day!  And so, that day finally arrived - Friday 31st May - also as it turns out a significant date in the Troll calendar, but that was just a co-incidence!

I recognised Alison immediately as she stepped off the train at Hull station, huge smiles, big hugs and it was as if we had known each other years, not just months, and certainly not as if it was the first time we had actually met.  We stowed her suitcase in the boot of the car and went to meet my daughter, her husband and my grandson, for a quick coffee, before the main event of the weekend started.

We had arranged to meet Mars at our Local Dealers for a mini Troll meet.  Beaverbrooks were just amazing, they had ordered in some uniques for us, THREE sets of the new Summer Stones kit that had only been released that day, along with the usual production beads, bracelets, leathers and the new bangle.  Wine was poured, chocolate flapjack was served, and we sat down to drool over all these lovely beads, we just had to wait for a late arrival!!!

I have to say the uniques were stunning and out of 34 beads I don't think there were an awful lot left after we had chosen ours.

I came away in total with 2 Royal Orange beads, specifically for my Halloween bracelet, but these may also be paired with my aurora beads, a gorgeous lilac unique for my Palma Violets combo, a glitter "bones" bead and the most amazing green flower bead with a ribboned core, just perfect for my "Olly" bracelet.

Plus quite a few extras that I shall be buying at a later date, Beaverbrooks are holding these for me whilst I restock my bead fund!

Later on that weekend, when it was all over, I was able to take some close up photos of the beads and in their intended places.

Royal Orange Beads flanking Inner Glow on my Halloween Bracelet

My new unique on my Palma Violets Combo

My Glitter Bones Bead

My Ribboned Flower on my Olly Bracelet

Alison came away with a Red/Bordeaux leather bracelet, a Royal Orange bead, Baby Girl and quite a few uniques as you can see from the photo below of her "haul".

Alison's haul - Photo by Mars

...and Mars, well you will need to read her next blog post to see what she came away with, but all I can say is WOW did she like the new Summer Stones kit!

Time then for a few photo shots and then to say our goodbyes as we needed to get home for tea, and to prepare for our Cocktail Troll date later!!!"

All photos by Pauline unless otherwise credited


  1. Love it........can't wait for the next parts! Fab weekend and now we have a lovely way to remember it.......just re visit here x

    1. I love your guest spot! You've captured the mood so beautifully and your photos, as always, are sublime!

      I really like what you've done with your beads, it was really cool to see them all in real life this weekend!

  2. Yorkshire girl checking in! ;)

    I love that Parma Violets bracelet - not surprisingly as I tend to gravitate towards purpley tones anyway.

    I'm also looking forward to using the Trollbeads Royal Orange on a Halloween bracelet. Not quite it's original purpose but I think it's going to serve the purpose well ;)

    Looking forward to the next installment!

    1. Wow another Yorkshire girl! It's my adopted home but I love it!

      I had the pleasure of seeing all of Pauline's bracelets this weekend, she puts together some lovely combinations - we definitely had a totally trolltastic weekend :)

  3. Fabulous memories <3

    1. They are, although it was a lot of work to write up the whole weekend I'm so glad we did... and now I'm sharing it far and wide!

      Mars xx


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