Tuesday 21 May 2013

When two is never enough - Pearl Zodiac Birthstone Star

Speaking of multiples as we were in the last post, I was recently offered the chance to buy from another collector's set of zodiac birthstone stars.

Regular readers will know how much I love this set of silvers having recently completed my 2nd set as part of my New Year's Bead Resolutions.  Therefore I was feeling fairly satiated, or so I thought.

My tribute bracelet for Valentine's Day featuring my RAFBF Bead and my original pearl stars

When I was offered the chance to buy more I had to really think about what I would do next, as after helping a friend search for some recently I know that it's becoming a lot harder to source certain ones, particularly at reasonable prices.  After several days of thinking this over, I decided I really couldn't pass up on the opportunity of another Pearl Star, Cancer and Pisces.  I'd used my original two on my tribute bracelet above so I could see that I would also get good use from a third.

Pearl Zodiac Birthstone Star No. 3

I've also set myself a new goal for the stars, as I know I don't want another full set - which would be overkill even with my passion for this collection.  I would however like to have 4 Pearl Stars and 4 Garnet Stars in total.  I can really see me using these on a single bracelet together by type, or just enjoying having these as multiples to use.

Triple Stars... just one more to go!

But not just yet... Day 21 and still not bought any more new beads!


  1. As you know with help from DTs I managed to source one, paid more than I wished, but as it is my birth stone and was collecting family stones, had no choice. But I was SO thrilled, it is so beautiful, would I buy more? not unless there was a price drop, but have absolutely no regrets, the best of my stars. So I understand your multi-buys, and they do look stunning on the blet.

    1. So glad you found one Kay, the Pearl star has definitely been the hardest one of them all to source recently, especially at reasonable prices.

      I wasn't collecting Trollbeads when this collection was released, but I can imagine the pearl stars were very popular from the start. To be honest the pearl one wasn't the highest on my list when I started collecting - however once I'd got them, and especially when I got two, I realised how versatile they are being fairly colour neutral they go with almost everything.

      I think one more should be sufficient, but I really have no idea when I'll ever come across another one. Will continue to keep an eye out for my two garnet ones too!

  2. I also managed finally to find one of these (it's my birth sign too) from another collector who was selling. So finally I have my family on a bracelet! Now I'm collecting my family birth flowers and chinese zodiacs too!

    1. That's brilliant news Mel, fantastic!!

      Mars xx


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