Thursday 30 May 2013

Good things come in 3's - Bracelets

I remain firmly on the Bead Wagon (although yesterday I had to force myself not to pop in to a jewellery shop as I was passing) - these are all pre-embargo purchases that I just haven't found the time to tell you about before!

Clearly I'd been buying a lot of beads and it was finally time to pick up some more bracelets in the sales to put all those beads on.

I had already picked up the first of this set of 3 - a 17cm silver bracelet at a great preloved price.  Then the sale at SWAG started and the price for bracelets was so attractive that I picked up another 17cm silver bracelet... and another leather bracelet, black this time.

So another set of 3 bracelets came to reside in my bead box, but not for long.

The first silver bracelet was used immediately to make up this first bracelet on the left, part of a stacked set of bracelets to wear to a lovely May wedding.  These two will be staying together, or at least reassembled again, as I will be needing them for another set of nuptials in early August.

I couldn't resist making up a quick leather bracelet combo whilst I was having some bead play, and this is what I came up with.  I was contemplating finishing this one to wear to the festival so I deliberately chose production beads only on this one (just in case), although my Chakra Colours is a bit of a one off!  I decided to go away without it in the end so I never really finished it off properly and it's all now back in the bead box ready for the break and make session to come next month!

One more pre-embargo bead to show you tomorrow before the end of the month comes to a conclusion and I step off the Bead Wagon in style at my Troll date!

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