Friday 31 May 2013

An amber I couldn't resist

So it's the last post of the month and I'm typing this as I get ready for my Troll date with friends later on, I have already arranged to finish work early so I will be going straight from work to my Local Dealers today - can't wait!

It's rather fitting that I conclude the month with an amber bead as one friend I've made because of Trollbeads has a bit of an amber thing going on and I'm planning to wear my amber bracelet to show her.  Here it is below if you've not seen it before...

My carved amber, placed to the left of Silver Transformation (the silver bead on the right hand side - also designed by Mette Saabye who did the recent collection for Trollbeads in addition to designing some of my favourite production trollbeads), has ousted one of the beads that was originally on the bracelet, and I've recently added to my free floating amber beads with my latest addition, my first craggy amber.

I think this one will be going on the main bracelet eventually but I haven't had chance to match it into the bracelet yet.  In the meantime I definitely wanted to use this in a mini-combination on my brown leather bracelet.

So there you go.  I'm ready to step off this rather lovely Bead Wagon and celebrate the end of May's self-imposed Bead Embargo in style, catch ya later!

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