Sunday 17 March 2013

My Valentine's Bracelet as it was meant to be

You may recall that I mentioned in my Valentine's Day Bracelet Post that there was a 3rd (and final) version of this bracelet planned but that 1 of the beads didn't arrive in time...

The story was that I'd ordered, paid and had my package delivered in good time for Valentine's Day but 1 of the beads was accidentally left out, luckily the shop still had it and rushed it out to me with a free gift but despite their amazingly quick response it still didn't quite make it by the 14th.

These were the beads reunited and I've tried several times to take photos of them but they are incredibly difficult to capture in a photo, complicated by the fact that I have a new phone so I'm still learning how to take macro shots on it.  I've kept true to the original idea of the blog that these are the mobile phone photos I share with friends but sometimes I wonder if I'm just making life a lot more complicated than it actually needs to be!

And here's my favourite photo of this bracelet, taken on the neck of a particularly nice bottle of red wine I was about to open!

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